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Website Development & Digital Marketing Content

The Complete Guide to Programmatic SEO for Your Website

Creating new content is hard and time-consuming. Coming up with new topics, finding the time (and enough time) ... this is where programmatic SEO, as a strategy, can come in and be a major contributor to the success of your site and grow your visitors.

Save Time & Money by Working With a Smaller Agency

Is it better to work with a larger or smaller company? Which one will give you better quality, communication and results? I'm going to share my personal stories about why those expectations are wrong, and why I'm building ZeroToDigital to do it all better.

13 Effective Digital Sales Funnel Ideas for Your Local Business

Effective websites in 2022 and beyond are not simple, static sources of information. Rather, they are active, efficient and measured sales representatives for your business constantly producing new leads and growing your revenue.

Why Website Design is Pointless or, at least, Overrated

The design of your website has its place, but it takes up the vast majority of a website manager's time and energy - reducing time spent on lead management, sales and content creation.

LBRY, Digital Content Distribution, SEO and Keyword Analysis Review

LBRY, Inc. is a cryptocurrency company headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire, and they're looking to transform digital content distribution. We've put LBRY and its website through our currently 3 digital marketing and website tools and will share the results of our findings along with some brie

What are Internal Links in SEO? And Why do You Need to Use Them?

Internal links are text, button or image links that send users to another page on the same site instead of to an external site. It's crucial for search engine optimization that a website utilizes internal links since Google uses them to discover new content and pages on your website.

The Complete Guide to Website Development for Businesses

In this post, I want to present a complete guide, of sorts, for how to approach website development for businesses. This is with the understanding that you might not have a developer on staff, you might try to build the site yourself or hire a 3rd-party team, and it's vital that you "end" the proces

30 Ways that Any Business can Automate to Prepare for a Recession

Business automations can help your company save needed time, costs and energy during an economic recession, or even depression. We've compiled a list of automations that your company should consider implementing based on general business operation categories.

15 Awesome Tools to Elevate Your Business's Website Development

Over the years in website development and managing over 50 websites for clients, I've gathered a list of tools that I use regularly to make my job that much easier and make it possible for me to manage so many sites.

Human Resource Consulting Firm Website Review Case Study [Video]

In this case study, we're going to look at the website for HR ROI Consulting of Concord, New Hampshire and how the have a lot of good, high quality content, but maybe there are some areas and opportunities for making modifications that would improve the performance of their website at turning visito

Credit Union Website Review and Optimization Case Study [Video]

Is your website gaining or losing customers due to its user experience? In this case study, we look at the website for Bellwether Community Credit Union of Manchester, New Hampshire - what they're doing and might be able to improve.

Law Office Website Review and Optimization Case Study [Video]

Does the design of your website help or hurt your chances of turning visitors into customers? In this case study, we look at the website for Alfano Law Office of Concord, New Hampshire - what they're doing and might be able to improve.

B2B Manufacturing Company Website Optimization Case Study [Video]

In this case study, we're going to look at Hitchiner Manufacturing of Milford, New Hampshire - and review their websites great content, and identify how it could be reorganized to better transform website visitors into paying customers.

The Top 4 Content Marketing Services for Your Business Website

Your site's content is important. It can bring new users to your website. It can be shared on social media to people all over the world. It can educate users and transform them from site visitors to prospects, leads and eventually paying customers for your company.

The Top 6 Search Engine Optimization Services for your Business Website

SEO is an effective way of marketing your business's website. There are a number of search engine optimization services that a company can and should consider investing in to grow their free, organic

The Top 4 Lead Generation Services for Your Business Website

Every business needs to have a website that plays a positive role in the success of the actual business - increasing sales, growing revenue and cutting costs. Lead generation transforms your website visitors into customers.

The Top 11 Website Services for Your Business

There are a number of website services that a company can and should consider investing in to grow their business online. We're going to highlight those services and where you business sho

Expanding a B2B Consulting Company's Online Reach Case Study

In this case study, we're going to look at Sanborn, Head & Associates of Concord, New Hampshire - and review how they're currently leveraging digital marketing to grow their business, and where some o

Optimizing an Insurance Agency Website's Lead Generation Case Study

We're looking at the Davis & Towle Insurance Group of Concord, New Hampshire - how we can see that they are or are not leveraging digital marketing and website optimization, and some recommendations t

Boosting a Local Business through Website Design and SEO Case Study

In this case study, we look at the Health Club of Concord on Garvins Falls Road in Concord, and address how we'd approach growing their business via website optimization and digital marketing.

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