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Project Cost and time estimating tool

Project estimator

Determine the approximate cost and timeframe of your company's project using our free, online project estimate calculator. Answer a few specific questions about the project - to the best of your knowledge - and then see estimated cost and time ranges needed to complete the project.

1What services are you interested in?Back

Would you like website development or digital marketing services?

Select one

Website development

New development, redesign, update, ecommerce, product, SAAS, small business ...

Digital marketing

One time project, ongoing campaign, SEO, content marketing, email, sales funnels ...

What type of website development are you interested in?Back

Which of the below development options is closest to what you're looking for?

Select one

Standard website

A typical website with pages and traditional functionality


Development or design modifications to an existing site


Web hosting of new or existing website

Online store

A Shopify-type, ecommerce website where you can sell multiple products


A software product or plugin with advanced functionality


An online platform with customer subscriptions and advanced software

How far in the development process are you?Back

How much, if any, of the project have you already completed?

Select one


We have the idea, but neither the design nor the sitemap

Idea and design

We have the idea and design mockups/guidelines

Idea and sitemap

We have the idea and sitemap guidelines

Idea, design and sitemap

We have the idea, design and sitemap guidelines

How important is the design?Back

We don't plan on turning in a poorly designed website, but just need to know how extensive the designing portion of the project might be.

Select one

Somewhat important

Definitely important

Very important

How large is the sitemap?Back

Approximately how many pages will be on your website, at least, for now.

Select one


... home, contact, about us, privacy policy ...


... services, blog, industries, gallery, locations ...


... individual services, products ...


What level of functionality is needed?Back

Will your website only need basic functionality for things like submitting contact forms, or are more complex functions needing to be created as well such as scroll effects, popups, secure login areas, and more?

Select one


... contact forms, administrator ...


... database interaction, popups ...


... secure user logins, file sharing, product development ...

Will the site need to leverage an API?Back

Will we need to pull in data or functionality from an external API?

Select one

Not sure


Yes, probably 1

Yes, more than 1

New site or existing?Back

Is hosting needed for a brand-new site, or transfer an existing site?

Select one

New site to be created

Existing site to be transferred

Are there many large files on the site?Back

Does the site store large images, videos, PDFs or other media files?

Select one



Not sure

What type of digital marketing are you interested in?Back

Of the choices below, which digital marketing tactic are you most interested in?

Select one


Strategic website optimization and marketing consulting to help you grow your online presence

Search engine optimization

Increase the ranking of your website's pages in search engines

Lead generation

Strategy and development for increase sales leads

Content marketing

Optimization of webpage content

A/B Testing

Split test and improve the effectiveness your website

Sales funnels

Set up, initiation and tracking of digital sales funnels

Email marketing

Strategy and email campaign creation

Digital advertising

Google, social and ads on various platforms

How do you currently manage your website?Back

What's your current process for managing and adding content to your website?

Select one

We don't

We don't currently make changes to our website

With a developer

We provide updates to a developer who makes the changes for us

Do it ourselves

We're able to manage the website ourselves without a developer

What kind of reporting would you like to receive?Back

What level of analytical reporting would you like to receive?

Select one


We're not interested in analytical data at this time


A summary of important metrics


A summary of metrics and thorough analysis

Is your website currently connected to an analytics tracking program?Back

Are you already tracking analytical data for your website, or not yet?

Select one


We don't currently collect any site data

Yes, Google Analytics

Yes, we're collecting site data via Google Analytics

Yes, other

Yes, we're collecting site data via another platform

What level of consultation are you interested in?Back

How can we best provide value to your business?

Select one

Specific program

Provide strategy for a specific program or tactic


Analyze current efforts and help us improve

Full plan

Help us establish a full digital marketing plan

What will be the scope of the project?Back

Are there specific areas of focus?

Select one

Website optimization

The scope is primarily limited to the website

Digital advertising

The scope is primarily limited to digital advertising


The scope is pretty general and could include multiple or all digital marketing channels

Would your team need training?Back

Would you like us to train your team to execute digital marketing tactics?

Select one


No training for now


Please bring our team up to speed

What's the current level of experience?Back

How much knowledge or experience does your team already have of digital marketing?

Select one


We're mostly beginners


<i class='fa-duotone fa-gauge'></i>

A lot

Experience running campaigns, managing the website, creating campaigns, etc.

Has your website had any SEO performed on it in the past?Back

Have you hired a professional or performed any search engine optimization activities on your website in the past?

Select one


We've never addressed SEO before


We've done some SEO work or hired a pro for minor work in the past


We've participated in an active SEO program in the past (or currently)

Do you know which potential keywords you’d like to target?Back

Have you given thought to what your program might look like?

Select one


We'll need your help with getting started


We have some ideas that should help get things started


We've put together a fairly comprehensive list of possible keywords

How many pages are on your website?Back

Roughly, how many pages (including blog/news posts) are on your website?

Select one






Are you participating in any current lead generation activities?Back

Do you have any recent past or current lead generation activities?

Select one


We don't really have anything ongoing

Yes, some

Yes, we have some experience and some currently running programs

Yes, multiple

Yes, we have multiple programs running

Do you have any lead magnets?Back

Do you have any current assets or offers that we could use to attract prospects?

Select one


We're starting from scratch

Yes, some

Yes, we have at least an asset or 2 that we could use

Yes, a lot

We have a lot of assets that we could use

Do you have an existing account that contains an email list?Back

Do you have an email list and an email program that contains it?

Select one

No, no list

We don't currently have an email list

No, no platform

We have an email list, but it's not online


We have an email list and it's on an email platform online

What are your current content creation activities?Back

Do you have an existing program or schedule for creating new content?

Select one


We're not currently creating new content

Not much

We have a blog set up but don't post too often

Some posting

We add new content approximately once per month

Consistent schedule

We add new content at least 3-4+ times per month

Do you have content ideas?Back

Do you have a list of ideas that could be used to create content?

Select one


We don't have any current ideas


We have some ideas


We have quite a few ideas

Do you have someone on staff who can create content?Back

Do you have a content creator or writer will you need us to write the posts?

Select one


We can handle the content creation


We'd like you to help us with content creation

Are you currently A/B testing your website?Back

Do you or have you run split-tests on your website?

Select one




How do you currently capture leads on your website?Back

Do you currently capture leads, and how so?

Select one

We don't

We're not currently collecting leads

Generic form

Via a generic contact form

Specific forms

Via specific forms and opt-ins

Do you have someone on staff who can create content?Back

As we might need to modify page content or create new content, do you have someone who can do that?

Select one


We'll need your help with creating and modifying content


Yes, we can create and modify content ourselves

What is your current email marketing strategy?Back

Are you currently collecting emails and, if so, how? What about sending regular emails?

Select one


We don't currently do anything with emails

Basic collecting

We collect emails on a spreadsheet

Collect on a platform

We automatically collect emails on an email platform

Regular emailing

We automatically collect emails on a platform and send emails regularly

Do you have an email list?Back

Do you have a current list or database of email addresses?

Select one



How did you acquire your email list?Back

Where did the email addresses come from?

Select one

Existing customers

The list is our current or previous customers

Developed organically

We developed the list by offering value in exchange for signups


We purchased or acquired the list from a 3rd-party

What is your current email marketing strategy?Back

Do you currently send emails to your list and, if so, how often?

Select one


We don't currently send emails to our list

Occasional emails

We send emails to our list every once in a while

Regular emails

We regularly send emails to our email list on at least a monthly basis

Do you have an email designer on staff?Back

Do you have someone that can design and develop emails for a campaign?

Select one


We can develop the emails in-house


We'll need your help with the design and development

Do you have any current advertising accounts?Back

Have you set up an ad account such as Google Ads, Facebook or another platform?

Select one


We don't have any active ad accounts


We have an active account for the advertising we'd like to do

Do you know your targeting details?Back

Do you know which potential keywords you’d like to target, or your customer demographics?

Select one


We'll need help strategizing


We have some ideas


We have a list of keywords and customer demographics

Do you have a designer to create the artwork for the ads?Back

If artwork is required, do you have a designer on staff that can create the artwork?

Select one


We can handle the design in-house

No, but irrelevant

No, but we'd like to focus on text ads that won't require any design


We'll need your help with the design

How many campaigns would you like to run?Back

How many different campaigns/topics would you like to create ads for?

Select one





Contact us today and we can review the information you entered above and provide you with a more accurate, human-created estimate!

Small business? Non-profit? Or is the price just a little too high? Contact us and we'll try to put together a program that will work better for you!



(compared to that a larger agency would charge you for the same quality of work)


(compared to that a larger agency would require to complete the project)


(compared to that a larger agency would charge you for the same quality of work)

monthly is typically optional, but this shows what it might cost for an ongoing program.

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A quick note about the estimate

We're constantly tweaking our estimator formula to make it as accurate as possible, but we'll still need the chance to have a human review your project's parameters first before we can offer a formal proposal. So, use the provided information above as a guide, but keep in mind that it's possible the estimate is not fully accurate. To receive a fully-accurate, formal proposal for your project, please contact us today!🙂

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