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Free tools and projects to help you learn and succeed in digital

We've built and compiled a growing catalog of free projects, software and content that you can use to learn more about web and digital and grow your business.

New Hampshire business website ranking

Using a simple formula, we've gathered and ranked the websites of many businesses in New Hampshire based on realized site traffic, age of domain, and pages indexed. You can view the list, filter and sort the results, and even submit your own website to be added to the list. As a bonus, you get a free, do-follow link back to your website's home page.

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SEO live website audits and analysis

Using our database of business websites, we've created an algorithm that allows us to perform simple, live search engine optimization audits of the site home pages and reveal the results. The results include analysis for page titles, descriptions, image alt tags, internal links and more. You can review the audits and even perform a live audit of any of your webpages and see the results in real time.

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Content & keyword website audits and analysis

Similarly to the SEO audits, we've used our database of business websites and an algorithm to perform simple, live content and keyword audits of website home pages focused on keyword density and actual search results for given search queries. You can review these audits and even perform a live content and keyword audit of any of your webpages and see the results.

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ZeroToDigital's free newsletter

We create a publish a free newsletter once-per-month where we share stories and tips from successful businesses, website and digital marketing tips and advice, and emerging trends in business and marketing. Learn more about what you can expect from our newsletter and see recent issues.

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Compounding SEO visualization

Just as compounding interest can accelerate the growth of an investment portfolio, so can search engine optimization accelerate the growth of a website. We've built a little visualizer tool to help solidify this principle.

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The List: digital marketing and website development resources

We've compiled (and are compiling) a comprehensive list of links and resources that businesses can use to learn about, improve, get started with and optimize the digital marketing and website development for their company.

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Business directory for local, New England-based companies

We've created an online business directory that local companies can use to get more awareness and increased the SEO of their company websites. Search for and update your existing listing (if present), or add your own business or website to the directory!

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College basketball bracket challenge

As a family, we like to do a bracket challenge with our kids during the annual college basketball tournament, but we wanted an easier way for our kids to be able to choose teams based on mascots and colors. So, we created this!

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This is Us Enduring - an online community

We believe that the economy could continue into decline in the coming months and years, so we've created an online community to help people prepare, endure and support each other by sharing content, resources, news and other helpful information.

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Get a real-time price estimate!

Try our free project estimator tool to get an immediate cost and time estimate for your project. The system will ask you a few simple questions and then provide you with estimated cost and time ranges.