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Top Website Analytics to Track for Local Businesses

January 13th, 2023

Is your website actively growing your business? Do you know why or why not?

If you're struggling coming up with an answer to that question, it may be time to begin tracking and understanding the performance of your website in terms of digital analytics.

When it comes to tracking website performance, there are several key metrics that local businesses should focus on. Here are a few examples of the most important metrics for local businesses to track with regards to their websites:

  • Website traffic: This metric measures the number of visitors to a website over a certain period of time. Tracking website traffic can help local businesses understand how many people are visiting their site and where they're coming from.
  • Bounce rate: This metric measures the percentage of visitors who leave a website after only viewing one page. A high bounce rate can indicate that a website is not providing the information or user experience that visitors are looking for.
  • Time on site: This metric measures the average amount of time that visitors spend on a website. A high time on site can indicate that a website is providing valuable content and a good user experience.
  • Pages per session: This metric measures the average number of pages that visitors view during a single session on a website. A high pages per session can indicate that a website is providing a good user experience and that visitors are finding the information they're looking for.
  • Conversion rate: This metric measures the percentage of website visitors who complete a specific goal or action, such as making a purchase or filling out a contact form. Tracking conversion rates can help local businesses understand how well their website is performing in terms of conversion and how to optimize it for maximum engagement and conversion.
  • Mobile responsiveness: This metric measure how well the website adapts to different screen sizes, making it easy to navigate and read on mobile devices. With the majority of internet traffic coming from mobile devices, it's important for local businesses to ensure that their website is mobile-friendly.
  • Website speed: This metric measures how quickly a website loads. A slow loading website can lead to high bounce rate and low conversion rate.

By tracking these key metrics, local businesses can gain valuable insights into their website performance and make data-driven decisions to improve user experience, engagement, and conversion rate.

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