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LBRY, Digital Content Distribution, SEO and Keyword Analysis Review

July 18th, 2022

LBRY, Inc. is a cryptocurrency company headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire, and they're looking to transform digital content distribution.

The LBRY protocol allows peer-to-peer distributing of content between users, self-publishers and even major publishing houses.

We've put LBRY and its website through our currently 3 digital marketing and website tools and will share the results of our findings along with some brief analysis.

New Hampshire traffic ranking

The LBRY website is currently ranked #47 in terms of traffic for all websites of businesses located or headquartered in New Hampshire. They're currently ranked about 67,900 among all websites globally.

website ranking table for new hampshire businesses

Their ~28,500 webpages indexed by search engines is ranked #5 among all NH business websites, behind 2 media companies, ZeroToDigital and a real estate company.

Their domain name, was first purchased, originally, in April of 2005 (likely by a different person or company).

The number of indexed URLs certainly helps them with their traffic ranking as each individual URL can be ranked in search engines and attract website visitors. Additionally, their popularity in the cryptocurrency community (83,000+ followers on Twitter) likes sends many visitors to the website as well.

Search engine optimization webpage audit

We performed an audit using our free SEO audit and analysis tool on LBRY's home page, and there were a few opportunities that presented themselves.

First, we were able to identify both a title and meta description, but both of them were pretty short. We recommend about 60 to 80 characters for the title, and 160 to 180 for the description, and the reason why we do this is because the title and description (both shown in search engines on page result snippets) are the 2 primary ways for a website owner to try to attract and entice users on search engines to click on and visit their website.

Because of that, we recommend that you should use the space allotted on those elements to the full potential.

seo audit results for page title and meta description

When then reviewed the on-page elements, particularly the H1 header and length of the content. We were able to identify that a H1 header was in use, so that's great. However, the content of the page was fewer than 500 words (354). There's nothing magical about 500 words, but since search engines index webpages and all of the text included, generally, pages with more text rank better than those that have less.

"Thin" pages are also less likely to fully answer or resolve a user's question or curiosity, which is what search engines are hoping for when they send users to a webpage.

However, we should recognize that we performed this SEO audit on the home page of LBRY's website, and home pages typically have fewer words (as they should since they should be used as more of navigation-type pages, not content pages).

seo audit results for h1 header and content length

The last 2 things we checked for was for all images to include alternate text and the page having internal links.

In the case of this specific webpage, there were 4 images identified and, unfortunately, none of them contained alternate text. "Alt" text is important for 2 reasons:

  • Accessibility: so that users with visual disabilities can still know and understand the context of the image
  • Search engine indexing: because search engine's can't fully understand images, but they can index text

Regarding internal links, we actually were able to identify 29 internal links on the page. Internal links are important because they send users to other pages of your website - keeping them on your site.

They also help search engine's crawl and index all pages of your website (since web crawlers follow links).

seo audit results for image alt text and internal links

Content and keyword audit

The final audit we performed was for content using our content and keyword audit tool. For this, we actually analyzed their "About" page instead of the home page since it seemed to have a ton of relevant, helpful content about their business.

The page had over 3,800 which is great for long-term SEO ranking potential as there's a lot of text to index.

We'd have to ask the LBRY team what their goals were for keyword strategy, but based on just having a surface-level knowledge of their business, I'd say that they'd likely want to rank for words like "content" and "digital content".

Based on our analysis of keyword density (how often words and groups of words are found and repeated on the page), this is what we discovered:

The top 3-word phrases:

  1. the lbry network (repeated 5 times)
  2. the lbry protol (repeated 4 times)
  3. the lbry blockchain (repeated 4 times)
  4. piece of digital (repeated 2 times)
  5. party (or parties) (repeated 2 times)

The top 2-word phrases:

  1. lbry blockchain (repeated 8 times)
  2. digital content (repeated 6 times)
  3. lbry protocol (repeated 5 times)
  4. lbry network (repeated 3 times)
  5. http dns (repeated 2 times)

The top single-word keywords:

  1. lbry (repeated 110 times)
  2. content (repeated 49 times)
  3. blockchain (repeated 23 times)
  4. protocol (repeated 22 times)
  5. will (repeated 19 times)

Based on these results, it's good to see "digital content" as the 2nd-to-most-used 2-word phrase, but I would assume that they're not getting a ton of organic traffic - at least from users who don't already know about LBRY.

For example, if you knew about LBRY, you might search in Google for something like "lbry blockchain" and get directed to this page. But if you didn't know about LBRY, there appears to be far fewer opportunities for this page to be among the top of the results shown to you.

This likely has a lot to do with the fact the LBRY is a pioneer in the cryptocurrency and digital content space. In the coming years as the space evolves, there will likely be other keywords or phrases that become more synonymous with the industry.


The TLDR website is one of the highest-ranked websites in terms of traffic of all businesses in New Hampshire. They also have a lot of indexed webpages.

There are some opportunities for LBRY to improve its web presence, however, by improving their core SEO elements and reviewing and modifying their webpage content keyword strategy.

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