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Digital Marketing Services for Metal Fabrication Businesses in NH - the Complete Guide

You've identified that your business might be able to benefit from getting involved in digital marketing. That's a great first step - there are many different types and tactics of digital marketing that make sense for Metal Fabrication businesses.

But how do you go about finding a marketing agency to help, how should you approach getting an estimate for work to be performed, and what expectations should you have for the process?

Below is what you can expect and how you can prepare for a successful digital marketing project.

Identify your business goals

What is your business looking to accomplish, both in terms of a company and a digital marketing campaign? Maybe, for your Metal Fabrication business, you're looking to grow awareness of your mechanical and repair services, get more clients for your higher-paying jobs, or even automate lead generation for the sales team.

And what sort of constraints do you have, or resources at your disposal? For example, do you have a fixed amount of money set aside in your budget, or are you limited on time and need to see results quickly?

These are all important questions to ask before speaking with a marketing company - it will help them to hopefully be able to better customize a plan that will serve you in your situation.

Consider different digital marketing tactics

Another thing you should do prior to speaking with a company is to familiarize yourself a bit to the different digital marketing and website services and platforms that might be available to you.

You're likely familiar with social media marketing, but there's also paid advertising (i.e. Google Ads), search engine optimization, sales funnels, lead generation and more. A marketing agency will be able to help you identify some services that make sense for you, but the more you know going in the better your conversations will likely go.

Gather estimates

You may be anxious to get started, but it's always a good idea to seek multiple estimates for your projects. Prioritize taking your time through this project knowing that a great digital marketing campaign can be a terrific asset to your Metal Fabrication business for years to come.

Don't just go with the cheapest option. Chances are that there's a reason why it's the cheapest. Ask questions and try to select the estimate that will provide you the best value in the long run - both in terms of upfront cost but also expected performance of the marketing campaign in the long run based on what they're offering.

And be open and honest with the marketing team the fact that you're seeking multiple estimates. They'll appreciate your transparency and may try to make sure their proposal is more competitive.

Schedule consistent project checkins and demos

Don't be shy to ask for and insist on period checkins or even demos of the work being performed. If the marketing team is annoyed by this request, that should be a red flag to you. There should be transparency at all times, and your goal here isn't to try to catch them not performing the expected work, but rather so that you can establish a good understanding of what's happening, and know if this is money being well spent.

Establish a plan for continued investment

This might be a one-time project or an ongoing campaign. Either way, your and your team's personal investment in the project should continue on as long as there's a positive return on investment in the project. Many activities take time to produce profitable results, so don't give up after a few months.

Establish a plan for continued and consistent investment in your digital marketing programs.

Get a real-time price estimate!

Try our free project estimator tool to get an immediate cost and time estimate for your project. The system will ask you a few simple questions and then provide you with estimated cost and time ranges.