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Welcome - Upper Valley Land Trust

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Conservation Solutions for the Places You LoveGet Involved

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Word count: 1,178 words, Reading time: 4.7 minutes"FacebookYoutubeInstagramAbout Us UVLT Staff & Trustees Jobs & Internships Contact Us 2022 Annual ReportVolunteer Individual Volunteer Employer-Sponsored ServiceNews New Posts Archive Newsletters Newsletter Spring 2020 Newsletter December 2020 Newsletter December 2019 Newsletter Winter 2019 Recent Enews January 2023 November 2022 October 2022 September 2022 July 2022 June 2022 April 2021 March 2021 February 2021 January 2021 December 2020 Sign Up for Field Notes Friday! Subscribe to our Enews Conservation Commission News 2021 Conservation Commission Reports 19 Buck Road, Hanover, NH 03755 | (603) 643-6626 0Shopping CartWays to GiveLand Conservation Landowner Stories Our Mission and Strategic Focus Areas Gile Ridge and Woody Adams Conservation Forest Conservation Tools and MethodsEventsGet Outside Public Access Trails Trail & Campsite Use Guidelines River Access, Recreation, & Campsites Mobility DisabilitiesConservation AreasDONATE NOWSearch Menu Menu Donate Since 1985Conservation Solutions forthe Places You LoveLearn MoreWe Know You Love the Upper Valley.We Do Too.We provide conservation leadership, tools and expertise to permanently protect the working farms, forested ridges, wildlife habitat, water resources, trails and scenic landscapes that makes the Upper Valley a special place to live. We work with local conservation commissions and volunteer groups to identify and prioritize land conservation opportunities. We provide technical assistance and conservation solutions for landowners. We steward permanent agreements that conserve key properties forever.Land ConservationUVLT focuses its mission in 45 Vermont and New Hampshire towns in the upper Connecticut River Valley.Learn MoreGet OutsideEnsuring public access to natural areas has always been a priority of the Upper Valley Land Trust.Learn MoreGet ConnectedFollow along to learn more about your community, the natural world, land conservation, stewardship opportunities and more.eNewsletter Sign UpRecent PostsInterior Forest is a Gift to NatureJanuary 9, 2023The Mary Elizabeth Kincaid Woodland, donated to UVLT last month, is part of an unfragmented landscape with diverse topography that sustains native plants and animals. 636 477 Ryan Collette Ryan Collette2023-01-09 09:23:552023-01-11 13:13:04Interior Forest is a Gift to NatureFirewood Assistance in NH0 Comments/November 21, 2022Last month, UVLT took steps to duplicate the Woodshed’s program and bring similar firewood assistance opportunities to NH. Due to strict exterior firewood quarantine guidelines in the state, the UVLT team headed to Up on the Hill in Charlestown, NH, to begin harvesting trees for the new program, hoping to officially launch and deliver to recipients in Fall 2023 (once harvested wood has dried sufficiently). 638 850 Ryan Collette Ryan Collette2022-11-21 10:52:292023-01-11 13:14:15Firewood Assistance in NHRenewal of UVLT’s National Land Trust Accreditation: Comment Period Now Open0 Comments/July 14, 2022 On or before August 2nd, the UVLT will submit its… 1118 2000 Jeanie McIntyre Jeanie McIntyre2022-07-14 08:23:522022-07-14 08:23:52Renewal of UVLT’s National Land Trust Accreditation: Comment Period Now OpenGet InvolvedWe’re a hardworking, homegrown group that depends on people like you. Over the past 34 years, we’ve protected over 500 parcels of land and more than 52,000 acres. Thousands of people have participated in these accomplishments and in the ongoing stewardship of conserved properties. It takes all of us, working together, to choose a vibrant, resilient and sustainable future for the Upper Valley — and to make it happen.Donate NowVolunteerIndigenous People have cared for this land for centuries. The land that the Upper Valley Land Trust owns, conserves, and works on, and the land on which we all live, was first stewarded and cared for by indigenous people of the Abenaki Nation, a tribe of the Wabanaki Confederacy. These are the traditional, ancestral, unceded lands of Abenaki people, taken from them by violence. Current day non-indigenous people have benefited from that violence, and that is a history that we are reckoning with.Indigenous People are not gone, they live here and are a part of the past, present, and future of our land and our communities. We know this acknowledgement is a small step in a bigger process of greater awareness of Native sovereignty and cultural rights. We honor with gratitude the land itself and the Abenaki people, past and present.Follow Us On Instagram uppervalleylandtrust View Jan 30 Open Whoops! Our Field Notes didn't post on Friday, so here you go! Have you spied any of these Cedars in your backyard?!#FieldNotesFriday This week Senior Land Steward Kaytee Currie-Huggard introduces us to two tree species found in our area: Northern White Cedar and Eastern Red Cedar. Northern White Cedar is more widespread in VT/NH but less common in dense forests or as a type of wetland. Kaytee lives near a pond in Haverhill, NH, where they grow around the edge. Did you know Early settlers were cured of their scurvy with white cedar tea giving rise to the name "tree of life."Instances of Eastern Red Cedar are more sporadic, sometimes growing as a monoculture in an old field. This red cedar was growing near UVLTs Cliff's Cliff in Fairlee, VT, where it grows stunted on the edge of the cliffs and as a tree along the Palisades Trail on Morey Mountain. Want the OUTside delivered directly to your INbox?! Sign up for #FieldNotesFriday at #UVLT #northernwhitecedar #easternredcedar #cliffscliff #getoutside #fairleevt ... uppervalleylandtrust View Jan 20 Open #FieldNotesFriday Happy snowy Friday! A perfect time to take a walk in the woods with Jason ❄️Soggy sphagnum and wet boots! Jason Berard, VP of Stewardship, is bringing us to a black spruce wetland in Lyme, NH. This short-needled wetland is saturated most of the year and characterized by stunted woody vegetation such as black spruce and red maple. An extensive sphagnum layer is present, which can hold more than eight times its weight in water. High-bush blueberry is an excellent wetland indicator species as it likes to grow on the margins. You'll also see winterberry in extensive wetlands. Winterberry fruits are a preferred fall and winter crop for many birds, and the fruit pulp can be rich in carbohydrates and vitamins when food becomes scarce.Want the OUTside delivered directly to your INbox?! Sign-up for field notes at, and never miss out on your next best dinner conversation 😉#UVLT #BlackSpruceWetland#GetOutsideNH ... uppervalleylandtrust View Jan 9 Open Up on the blog today: Interior Forest is a Gift of Nature!The establishment of the Mary Elizabeth Kincaid Woodland protects 210 acres of highest priority habitat in Vermont. Interior forest blocks – large areas of contiguous forest that are unfragmented by roads, development, or agriculture -- provide critical ecological functions critical for protecting native species and supporting adaptation to climate change. The woodland is located in Topsham, in an area prioritized for conservation by the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources. Completely forested, it features a central hill summit and two beaver ponds, each surrounded by wetlands. UVLT is thrilled to accept ownership of this important woodland and become the steward of a magnificent gift to both nature and people.Read more at #woodlandconservation #landconservation ... FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM Sign Up for Our eNewsletter | Sign Up for Field Notes Friday Upper Valley Land Trust 19 Buck RoadHanover, NH 03755(603) FacebookYoutubeInstagramGet InvolvedVolunteerWays to GiveBecome a SupporterProtectLandowner StoriesStrategic Focus AreasConservation AreasConservation Tools and MethodsExploreUVLT Conservation AreasUVLT Public TrailsCanoe Camping © 2023 Upper Valley Land Trust. All Rights Reserved. FacebookYoutubeInstagram Scroll to top"

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The content should be rich with quality, original content - not containing "fluff" just to fill up the space. Having more content will also likely help the page to rank better for search queries as well as rank for more search queries.

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1. http://uvlt.org12. ?s=36.

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