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Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, Attraction SEO Analysis


Squam Lakes Natural Science Center logo

Page Title

Get Nearer to Nature | Squam Lakes Natural Science Center

This webpage doesn't have a defined page title of an appropriate length.

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Page Description

Squam Lakes Natural Science Center in New Hampshire features live native New Hampshire animals, guided cruises on Squam Lake, Kirkwood Gardens, Blue Heron School, New Hampshire's first nature-based Montessori early learning center, science and nature field trips, and other science and nature programs.

This webpage doesn't have a defined page description of an appropriate length.

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H1 Header

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Content Length

Word count: 570 words, Reading time: 2.3 minutes"All exhibit and hiking trails are CLOSED for the season. About UsMedia KitCalendar of EventsVolunteer VisitBUY TICKETSDirections and InformationHours and AdmissionLive Animal Exhibit TrailSquam Lake CruisesKirkwood GardensHiking TrailsHowling Coyote Gift ShopGroup ToursLearnFamily Programs and EventsBlue Heron SchoolSchool ProgramsLive Animal Outreach ProgramsHomeschool ProgramsSummer Guided DiscoveriesNature ToursOur AnimalsHidden StoriesPodcastEventsCalendar of EventsPrivate EventsMembershipBuy or Renew a MembershipMembership FAQsGift MembershipBusiness MembershipLibrary MembershipReciprocity and Bonus BenefitsTracks & Trails NewsletterSupportAnnual FundSponsor A SpeciesGift of StockLegacy GiftsBusiness SponsorshipsTribute GiftsReports and Financial StatementsVolunteer Show Your Love for the AnimalsSponsor A Species for your Valentine!Sponsor Today Winter ProgramsJoin us for a Wild Winter Walk, monthly Homeschool Programs, and more!View our calendar Homeschool SeriesMonthly programs for homeschool students.Learn more and register The Wild Around Us PodcastBe wowed by the wild around us in our new podcast and look at nature in a new way.Learn more and Subscribe School ProgramsVirtual and outdoor in-person programs.Learn More Visit and ExploreOpen meadows, mature forests, and marsh boardwalks connect interactive natural exhibits where native animals reside: black bear, mountain lion, raptors, river otter, bobcat, and more.Plan approximately two-and-a-half hours to walk the exhibit trail. Trails are open May 1 through November 1, 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (last trail admission at 3:30 p.m.)Learn More Education ProgramsBlue Heron School Learn MoreSchool Programs Learn MoreSummer Guided Discoveries Learn MoreLive Animal Outreaches Learn MoreEnjoy Cruises on Squam Lake The 2021 cruise season begins in mid-May. Check back for updates and tickets. Discover SquamRead MoreBald Eagle AdventureRead MoreLoon Cruise Read MoreCruise with a Naturalist Read MorePrivate ChartersRead MoreGroup ToursRead MoreRead More About Squam Lake Cruises  What People Are Saying justin whitaker, 10/14/22Had a wonderful time, self guided with interactive educational displays. Lots to do and all really neat exhibits, they really have utilized simple technology throughout the entire park to really make it interactive without being overly complicated or heavily dependent upon software. Loved it highly recommended for children.Rhea Votipka, 09/15/22Don't let the price deter you. We thought about not going due to how expensive it was, but we had a great time. It s like a zoo for wild animals....and honestly we were happy to support it. The educational parts were great and very well done. My 4 yr old had an absolute blast and we were there easily for 3 hours and she probably would have stayed longer. The site is stroller friendly which was great for my younger daughter. Would highly recommend.Steph Schaffer, 08/26/22This place is amazing! Better than any other science nature centers we've been to outside of a museum or zoo. Easy to find your way around, includes some hiking trails, and even have a play area for the kids. Absolutely must go!Steph Schaffer, 08/22/22This place is amazing! Better than any other science nature centers we've been to outside of a museum or zoo. Easy to find your way around, includes some hiking trails, and even have a play area for the kids. Absolutely must go! Support Us   Volunteer   Calendar of Events Visit | Learn | Events | Membership | Support About Us | Contact Us | In the News | Donation Request | Brad Washburn Squam Lake Maps | Community Links | Privacy Policy © 2023, Squam Lakes Natural Science CenterThis site is protected by copyright and trademark laws under both United States and International law.NH Attraction Website Design by Sullivan+Wolf Design, LLC Squam Lakes Natural Science Center | PO Box 173 | 23 Science Center Road | Holderness, NH 03245 | 603-968-7194 | Fax: 603-968-2229"

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Image Alternate Text

Images on page: 4, Images with alt text: 0, Percentage: 0%

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Internal Links

1. /who/index.php2. /news/media_kit.php3. /programs/calendar.php4. /who/volunteer.php5. /6. /visit/index.php7. /visit/index.php8. /visit/hours_admission.php9. /visit/trail.php10. /programs/lake_cruises.php11. /visit/kirkwood_gardens.php12. /visit/hiking.php13. /visit/howling_coyote.php14. /programs/group_tours.php15. ../programs/index.php16. /programs/calendar.php17. /programs/blue_heron_school.php18. /teachers/19. /programs/outreach.php20. /programs/homeschool_programs.php21. /programs/guided_discoveries.php22. /programs/nature_tours.php23. /visit/animal_info_sheets/24. /hiddenstories/25. /podcast/index.php26. javascript:;27. /programs/calendar.php28. /programs/private_events.php29. ../membership/index.php30. /membership/31. /membership/membership_faq.php32. /membership/gift_membership.php33. /membership/business_membership.php34. /membership/library_membership.php35. ../membership/reciprocal_admission.php36. /membership/newsletter.php37. ../support/index.php38. /support/annual_fund.php39. /support/sponsor_species.php40. /support/stock_gift.php41. /support/planned_giving.php42. /support/corporate_gifts.php43. /support/tribute_gifts.php44. /support/45. /who/volunteer.php46. /support/sponsor_species.php47. /programs/calendar.php48. /programs/homeschool_programs.php49. /podcast/index.php50. teachers/index.php51. visit/index.php52. /images/BHS_fallpointing.jpg53. /programs/blue_heron_school.php54. /images/school walking.jpg55. teachers/index.php56. /images/guideddiscoveries_aquacamp.jpg57. programs/guided_discoveries.php58. /images/outreach.jpg59. programs/outreach.php60. /programs/explore_squam_cruise.php61. /programs/explore_squam_cruise.php62. /programs/eagle_cruise.php63. /programs/eagle_cruise.php64. /programs/loon_cruise.php65. /programs/loon_cruise.php66. /programs/notl_cruise.php67. /programs/notl_cruise.php68. /programs/charter_cruise.php69. /programs/charter_cruise.php70. /programs/group_tours.php71. /programs/group_tours.php72. programs/lake_cruises.php73. support/annual_fund.php74. who/volunteer.php75. programs/calendar.php76. ../visit/index.php77. ../programs/index.php78. ../programs/calendar.php79. ../membership/index.php80. ../support/index.php81. /who/index.php82. /contact.php83. /news/index.php84. ../donation_request.php85. /visit/washburn.php86. /community_links.php87. /privacy.php88. javascript:;

This webpage contains at least 1 link to another of the site's pages.

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