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Home | MainStreet Warner, Inc.

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MainStreet Warner, Inc.

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Word count: 1,116 words, Reading time: 4.5 minutes"HomeAbout UsBoardProjectsParkLodgeScholarshipsLiteracy ProjectEventsCalendarPast EventsDonationsVolunteerPhotosContact MainStreet Warner, Inc. HomeAbout UsBoardProjectsParkLodgeScholarshipsLiteracy ProjectEventsCalendarPast EventsDonationsVolunteerPhotosContact a community non-profit foundation The Lodge Donate Something Wonderful is Happening in Warner Jim Mitchell Welcome to MainStreet Warner, Inc.A 501(c)(3) community non-profit since 2000. We are helping to build a better community by providing unique outdoor and indoor facilities to congregate, entertain, share, and reflect; and offering programs and support to inspire, educate, and recognize artists, youth, and the whole of the community. Our projects include;Jim Mitchell Community Park including Children’s ParkMainStreet Warner Stage & AmphitheaterRestoration of The Lodge, the future home of Music & Performances and Community KitchenFarms and Food Security ProjectJim Mitchell ScholarshipMainStreet Warner Annual Literacy Project at Simonds SchoolJim Mitchell Local Hero Book Award at Simonds School Season's GreetingsThe board would like thank everyone who made this past year a success. We look forward to continuing our mission of community support and enrichment during the coming year. Please download our 2023 Impact report below.Happy Holidays! Our Christmas Tree at Warner Town Hall Our Impact Report is here. Please review what MainStreet Warner, Inc. has been able to do with with all of the kind help and donations from the community. DownloadNH Gives UpdateOur sincere thanks go out for the support and donations made for this year’s NH Gives, lending crucial support to over 600 non-profits throughout New Hampshire. MainStreet Warner, Inc. received $2275 towards our many community programs, including the free concerts in the Jim Mitchell Community Park and renovations to the Lodge. Donations can still be made at our donations page and Thank you, as always, for your generosity!-Board of directors MainStreet Warner, Inc MainStreet Warner, Inc. – Bringing the Community TogetherBy Sasha WolfeInterTown News ServiceWARNER – In September 2020, MainStreet Warner, Inc. (MSW) had the opportunity to purchase the old Masonic Lodge, 17 Church Street. They needed space to expand their services to include a community kitchen and a wonderful place for free events. Plans slowed due to the pandemic and all that ensued. However, efforts continue to move forward with generosity of the community.“We’re still brainstorming on how to use the building,” said Neil Nevins, one of the founding members of MSW.Since its incorporation in 2000 by Jim Mitchell, his sister Katharine and her husband Neil Nevins to support the local community, the nonprofit organization has grown, and Warner has become an even more vibrant town from the efforts. The MSW mission is to identify and address community needs in ways that build connections between education, the arts, food security and ecological living practices.MSW originally worked out of The Gallery at MainStreet BookEnds. They started with Friday Nights on Main Street and added Annual Literacy Day at Simonds Elementary School five years later. Nevins said they were “pushing to understand how important a park would be for the community, putting up a stage and its significance for the community.” And thanks to grants, donations and volunteers, The Jim Mitchell Community Park was opened in 2010. Pellettieri Associates did the design, and a few years later, the MainStreet Warner Stage and Amphitheater also opened allowing free outdoor entertainment.Other free programs provided by MSW include the Jim Mitchell Annual Scholarship, the Jim Mitchell Local Hero Book Awards at Simonds School, the Warner Farms and Food Security Project, and a children’s park. Over the years, as the events, programs and needs of the community grew, the organization needed their own home base. When the opportunity to purchase the old Masonic Lodge came up, MSW was able to raise the necessary funds and come to an agreement with the Masons, who also donated to the purchase. The building was originally built as a Baptist Church in 1833. When the church merged with the United Church of Warner, the Masons purchased the building. Eventually they joined the Concord Masons and put the building, now called The Lodge, up for sale. Plans are ongoing for restoring The Lodge as a future home for music, performances and a community kitchen. The kitchen will not only supply the food pantry but will host suppers, cooking classes, give the Simonds School students opportunities to learn about food and cooking, benefit local farmers and provide better access to food. Future plans also include scholarships and theater with a goal “to extend all of this year-round and right in the heart of Warner.”“Warner is the kind of community that enables local connection,” said Nevins. “For MainStreet Warner to do real work for the community … to help keep community in place … to attract people who want to be involved.”Restoring the old building is important and plans are in the works to get grants for energy efficiency and financial support. The old church will provide a beautiful performance area for music, theater, lectures and more. Some walls will be removed to open space for conference, meeting areas and workshops, the kitchen (added by the Masons years ago) will be expanded, and the building will be made ADA accessible. The stunning stained-glass windows of the old church will remain as will the gorgeous, original, still-working church organ. This will be a beautiful place for indoor events and programs. There is much work to be done. MSW relies on support from volunteers, donations and fundraising. A Capital Campaign is planned for the fall. The community effort continues to make Warner a town that is successful, vibrant, and a great place to live and visit.Article re-printed with permission from InterTown News Service __ Community Kitchen at The Lodge MSW is excited to announce that it has received a grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s Lois G. Roy Dickerman Fund for the construction of the community commercial kitchen. Please visit The Lodge page for more information about the kitchen, and how you can help. __ MainStreet Warner, Inc. recognized for community support The New Hampshire Community Loan Fund highlights MSWfor its community-centered approach to service in their Annual Report featurearticle.Thank you for your support, CLF! More Info Subscribe to Newsletter Sign Up View Current AwardsOn June 21, 2017 MainStreet Warner, Inc. received the Merit Award for Excellence in Planning, Design, and Development from Plan NH, for their creation of the Jim Mitchell Community Park and Amphitheater in downtown Warner. View New Hampshire Charitable Foundation helps provide grants and other funding opportunities. Pellettieri Associates are the designers of our wonderful outdoor spaces. Providing assistance to fund our mission. Supporting the Arts in New Hampshire Helping to fulfill our vision for The Lodge Address17 Church StPO Box 130Warner, NH 03278603-456-3745 603-856-0425 Fax How You Can HelpClick here to join the volunteer effort. Quick LinksHomeAbout usBoardProjectsEventsDonationsPhotosContact Home >  © 2014-2022 MainStreet Warner, Inc. Contact Us"

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1. ./2. about/3. page-2/4. projects/5. projects/park/6. projects/lodge/7. projects/scholarships/8. projects/literacy/9. events/10. events/calendar/11. events/page/12. donations/13. donations/volunteer/14. photos/15. contact/16. ./19. about/20. page-2/21. projects/22. projects/park/23. projects/lodge/24. projects/scholarships/25. projects/literacy/26. events/27. events/calendar/28. events/page/29. donations/30. donations/volunteer/31. photos/32. contact/33. donations/34. /resources/impact_report_2023.pdf35. https:/ projects/lodge/37. resources/2017/2017_Plan_NH_Merit_Award.pdf38. donations/volunteer/39. ./40. about/41. page-2/42. projects/43. events/44. donations/45. photos/46. contact/47. ./

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