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Kearsarge Area Chamber of Commerce, Association SEO Analysis


Kearsarge Area Chamber of Commerce logo

Page Title

Kearsarge Area Chamber of Commerce

This webpage doesn't have a defined page title of an appropriate length.

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Content Length

Word count: 775 words, Reading time: 3.1 minutes"Toggle navigationKACCMembership Directory By CategoryDirectory By NameDirectory of Logos Directory Map  Quick Links: Food and Drink Lodging Shopping Getting Out Patreon EV Chargers Address/Phone  Chamber Info:Printed DirectoryMailing ListPay/Renew OnlineAdsApplicationAudit TY 2021Board MembersBenefitsBylawsBrandingMarketingMinutesLinks Chamber CalendarVisitor InformationDartmouth Lake Sunapee RegioonCurrier & Ives Scenic BywayNew Hampshire MadeBusiness & Industry AssocConcord Regional Crime LineLinks For MembersPrivacy PolicyNewsletter SignupDemographics AndoverBradfordConcordContoocookDanburyHennikerHopkintonNewburyNew LondonSalisburySunapeeSuttonWarnerWebsterWilmotTowns AndoverBradfordConcordContoocookDanburyHennikerHopkintonNewburyNew LondonSalisburySunapeeSuttonWarnerWebsterWilmotExplore AndoverBradfordConcordContoocookDanburyHennikerHopkintonNewburyNew LondonSalisburySunapeeSuttonWarnerWebsterWilmotContact                       New MembersWe'd like to welcome our newest members: Treehouse Travel, Crumb To Mama, BridgeTree B&B, Sanctuary Dairy Farm Ice Cream, Yiannis Corner CafeAnnouncementsContoocook Railroad Museum Grant7/12/22: The Kearsarge Area Chamber of Commerce has generously provided a grant in the amount of $3,360 to the Contoocook Railroad Association Museum Visitor Center. This grant will be used to fund summertime hours for the visitor center.Regularly scheduled hours at the visitor center will help promote area businesses and organizations to visitors and residents. Kearsarge Chamber members are encouraged to contact either the museum or the Chamber if they would like to schedule a pop-up shop at the museum.The full press release can be found here.Brochure Printing11/17/22: Our latest brochure has been printed by member RC Brayshaw. Anyone that would like some should contact us orpick some up at the Contoocook Visitor Center. We print small batches so that new members can get into the brochure quickly.Brochure AdsWe now offer half page, full page, and double page ads (color or black & white) in the brochure. You can purchase ad space and we'll contact you to get the ad copy.Ads may be either black and white or color and may be 1/2 page or full page in size. The complete list of sizes andcosts are listed below.Email your ad requests toN/A. Brochure content updates will generally be done the end of January and end of June.Ads may be added to the brochure at other times of the year depending upon available printing opportunities.See rate card below for more details. Ads that are currently being printed:It's always a good time to join. Get 18 monthsfor the cost of 12 months.For each new member that you refer, you get four months added to your membership.Join today at Region Arts Atlas8/18/21: KACC is proud to be a sponsor of the Sunapee Region Arts Atlas.The first phase of the arts atlas is complete! Brochures can be found at local chambers of commerce and localbusinesses including Bradford Junction Cafe & Market and Cafe One East.The atlas is an artful, hand-illustrated, engaging paper map, free public resource, and is a helpful tool to entice residents and visitors to explore the region.Municipalities and real estate agents can showcase the many cultural hidden gems that contribute to quality of life, making the region a great place to live, work and play.Everything Else10/16/20: The Chambers in the Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Region are working together, in cooperation with the State ofNew Hampshire's GOFERR committee, to bring products and services to our communities that will help usall continue the journey of recovery and prosperity as we start to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.If your town clerk's office doesn'tyet have the KACC brochures, contact us so we can get you some to give them. Our brochuresare distributed as far as the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport where travelers are able topick up a brochure at the information desk.Recent Flash mailings:09/2022 08/2022 07/2022 06/2022 05/2022 04/2022 03/2022 02/2022 01/2022 12/2021 11/2021 10/2021 09/2021Recent Corner mailings:09/2022 08/2022 07/2022 06/2022 05/2022 04/2022 03/2022 02/2022 01/2022 12/2021 10/2021 09/2021 08/2021Membership Offers:Join KACC Today!It's always a great time to join the chamber. Thecost to join is $50 for non-profits and most businesses. Businesses with 5 or more staff (we never countthe owners) pay $99.The membership period is 12 months from the date of joining. New members receive an initial 18 monthsof membership. For every business you refer that joins the chamber, you get an additional 4 monthsadded to your membership. There is no limit to how many members you can refer.Joining is easy at We'll do all the work do get the info needed for yourlisting and then have you review the result.Annual Events:January - KACC Annual MeetingMarch - Kearsarge Maple Festival, Webster, WarnerMay - Spring into Warner Garden & Arts Event, WarnerJuly - Mt Kearsarge Indian Museum Pow Wow, WarnerAugust - Wilmot townwide yard saleSeptember - Hopkinton State Fair, Hopkinton,Harvest Moon & NatureFest, WarnerOctober - Warner Fall Foliage Festival, Warner; Pumpkin Carving & Lighting, WarnerNovember - Bradford Turkey Raffle; Kearsarge Open StudiosDecember - Starry Starry Weekend, Contocook; Warner Hometown Holiday, WarnerContact Information:Please send your event or press release information via email to N/ACopyright Kearsarge Area Chamber of Commerce | P.O. Box 301 | Warner, NH 03278Home |Contact Us |Members |Store |Membership ApplicationVisitor Center: 896 Main St, Contoocook, NH 03229 Back to Top"

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Internal Links

1. /2. /page/members3. /page/membersbyname4. /page/membersbyname?logos5. /page/members?segment=16. /page/members?group=207. /page/members?segment=28. /page/members?segment=39. /page/members?patreon=110. /page/members?charger=111. /page/membersbyname?compact=112. /assets/KACC-Directory-201909.pdf13. /page/ads15. /page/memberapp16. /assets/Audit-TaxYear-2021.pdf17. /page/board18. /page/benefits19. /KACC_Bylaws.pdf20. /page/brand21. /page/marketing22. /minutes23. /page/cal24. /page/visitors25. /page/links26. /page/privacy27. /#contactinfo28. /page/members?bytown=andover29. /page/members?bytown=bradford30. /page/members?bytown=concord31. /page/members?bytown=contoocook32. /page/members?bytown=danbury33. /page/members?bytown=henniker34. /page/members?bytown=hopkinton35. /page/members?bytown=newbury36. /page/members?bytown=new%20london37. /page/members?bytown=salisbury38. /page/members?bytown=sunapee39. /page/members?bytown=sutton40. /page/members?bytown=warner41. /page/members?bytown=webster42. /page/members?bytown=wilmot43. /page/contactus44. /45. /page/cal46. /page/members47. /page/members?segment=148. /page/members?segment=249. /page/members?segment=350. /page/members?group=2051. /page/members?patreon=152. /page/members?charger=153. /page/members#M43154. /page/members#M82955. /page/members#M82856. /page/members#M82457. /page/members#M82658. /assets/2022-CRA-PressRelease-Photo.jpg59. /assets/2022-CRA-PressRelease.pdf60. /assets/KACC-Directory-202211.pdf61. /assets/kacc-ads-1.png63. /assets/kacc-ads-2.png64. /assets/kacc-ads-3.png65. /assets/KACC-rate-card.png67. minutes/Flash-202209.pdf68. minutes/Flash-202208.pdf69. minutes/Flash-202207.pdf70. minutes/Flash-202206.pdf71. minutes/Flash-202205.pdf72. minutes/Flash-202204.pdf73. minutes/Flash-202203.pdf74. minutes/Flash-202202.pdf75. minutes/Flash-202201.pdf76. minutes/Flash-202112.pdf77. minutes/Flash-202111.pdf78. minutes/Flash-202110.pdf79. minutes/Flash-20210901.pdf80. minutes/Corner-202209.pdf81. minutes/Corner-202208.pdf82. minutes/Corner-202207.pdf83. minutes/Corner-202206.pdf84. minutes/Corner-202205.pdf85. minutes/Corner-202204.pdf86. minutes/Corner-202203.pdf87. minutes/Corner-202202.pdf88. minutes/Corner-202201.pdf89. minutes/Corner-202112.pdf90. minutes/Corner-202110.pdf91. minutes/Corner-20210915.pdf92. minutes/Corner-202108.pdf93. https://store.kearsargechamber.org94. /95. /page/contactus96. /page/members97. /page/memberapp

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