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Concord, NH - Official Website | Official WebsiteArrow LeftArrow RightSlideshow Left ArrowSlideshow Right Arrow

This webpage doesn't have a defined page title of an appropriate length.

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News UpdatesCity CalendarTrending Now

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Content Length

Word count: 740 words, Reading time: 3.0 minutes"Skip to Main Content Search GovernmentDepartmentsServicesCommunityBusinessHow To Online Bill Services & Property Taxes Report a Concern Notify Me® Concord Maps Employment City Manager's Newsletter PoliceCommunity policing & events, record requests & more information FirePublic safety & emergency management, fire prevention & burn permits General ServicesPublic works: streets, water, wastewater, trash & recycling, other services LibraryCulture, literacy, information & job resources Parks & RecreationCommunity centers, parks, cemeteries & recreational programming for all ages ParkingCity parking information including locations, garages, hours & rates Diversity & InclusionInformation about diversity, equity & inclusion in our community Economic DevelopmentBusiness opportunities, tax credits, incentives & more information News Updates See what's happening in Concord. Citywide Revaluation Project Posted on June 18, 2024 A full measure and list revaluation is scheduled to begin on July 15, 2024. This is a citywide project that will continue through 2026. View the revaluation web page for more information including a map where inspections will begin. Additional Info... Community Power Information Posted on May 2, 2024 Learn more about the Community Power Program and CPCNH membership. Additional Info... New Property Tax Billing Software Posted on May 10, 2024 Learn more about our new property tax billing software and options to view or pay your tax bill. Additional Info... Aquatics Update Posted on June 13, 2024 Concord Parks & Recreation is happy to announce that all aquatics facilities (six pools and splash pad) will be open for the 2024 season! Read on... Canal Street Parking Lot Closure Posted on May 17, 2024 The Canal Street parking lot in Penacook will be closed beginning on May 22 through the fall for construction. Leased parking spaces at 350 Village Street will be temporarily relocated to the Tanner Street parking lot. Additional Info... Outdoor Dining in Concord Posted on April 25, 2024 The outdoor dining season runs from May 1 to October 31, and from May 1 to October 15 for outdoor dining utilizing parking spaces. Additional Info... Eversource Power Line Corridor Work at Spear's Park Trail Posted on January 3, 2024 Eversource will be performing work on the power line corridor that falls within the Spear's Park Trail (Map 7) from January 3, 2024 through January 31, 2025. Read on... Summer Concert Series Posted on June 14, 2024 Join us for our summer concert series! Lots of opportunities to enjoy free community concerts around the city. Read on... Trash Holiday Schedule Posted on January 11, 2024 View the 2024 Trash Holiday Schedule to see which holidays will have postponed trash and recycling collection this year. Sign up for Notify Me to receive email reminders or download the MyConcordNH app for push notifications. Trash Holiday Schedule View All News /CivicAlerts.aspx City Calendar See all city meetings, events, and updates. Meetings Events Meetings July 2024 SunMonTueWedThuFriSat 30 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 Sat, Jul. 13 Street Closure - Concord Farmers Market Sun, Jul. 14 Street Closure - Cars & Coffee on Capitol Mon, Jul. 15 Fiscal Policy Advisory Committee Meeting-CANCELLED Tue, Jul. 16 CANCELLED: Traffic Operations Committee Wed, Jul. 17 Planning Board Meeting Thu, Jul. 18 CANCELLED - Public Safety Board Meeting Sat, Jul. 20 Street Closure - Concord Farmers Market Wed, Jul. 24 Bike Park Community Meeting Wed, Jul. 24 Energy & Environment Advisory Committee View All Meetings /Calendar.aspx Events July 2024 SunMonTueWedThuFriSat 30 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 Fri, Jul. 12 Roller Skating Sat, Jul. 13 Street Closure - Concord Farmers Market Sat, Jul. 13 Storytime Stations at the Heights Branch Sat, Jul. 13 A Wheel of Life: Bicycle Travel and the Serendipity That It Brings Sat, Jul. 13 Keep NH Brewing Festival Sun, Jul. 14 Street Closure - Cars & Coffee on Capitol Sun, Jul. 14 White Park Acoustic Concerts Sun, Jul. 14 Roller Skating Tue, Jul. 16 Adult Drop In Basketball (indoors) at GSCC View All Events /Calendar.aspx Trending Now Find the most popular pages and videos.  Videos City Council Meetings Finance Committee Meetings Planning Board Meetings Zoning Board Meetings /QuickLinks.aspx Contact Us Concord City Hall41 Green Street Concord, NH 03301 Phone: 603-225-8610 Contact us Popular Links City Council Library Parks & Recreation Public Works Street Closures /QuickLinks.aspx Site Links Home Accessibility Photo Credits Privacy Policy Site Map Terms & Conditions Translate Our Website /QuickLinks.aspx Government Websites by CivicPlus® Loading Loading Do Not Show Again Close <style> body.hideContent { opacity: 1 !important; } </style> Arrow Left Arrow Right [] Slideshow Left Arrow Slideshow Right Arrow"

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1. /2. /Search/Results3. /249/Government4. /913/Departments5. /290/Services6. /140/Community7. /94/Business8. /161/How-To9. /1111/Online-Bill-Services10. /1809/Report-a-Concern11. /list.aspx12. /897/Interactive-GIS-Viewer13. /807/Police14. /477/Fire-Department15. /491/General-Services-Public-Works16. /588/Library17. /666/Parks-Recreation18. /1993/Parking19. /1928/Diversity-Equity-Inclusion20. /1985/Economic-Development21. /CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=454131. /CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=454132. /CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=454133. /CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=452834. /CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=452835. /CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=452836. /CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=438440. /CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=438441. /CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=438442. /CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=456043. /CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=456044. /CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=456045. /CivicAlerts.aspx?CID=3349. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=13&CID=106,102,87,101,104,103,48,41,45,25,94,29,80,44,109,61,39,93,96,107,43,84,112,70,63,51,99,68,88,40,56,74,58,86,55,65,90,71,82,28,72,67,42,110,81,111,100,66,62,22,85,78,77,76,47,75,11350. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=14&CID=106,102,87,101,104,103,48,41,45,25,94,29,80,44,109,61,39,93,96,107,43,84,112,70,63,51,99,68,88,40,56,74,58,86,55,65,90,71,82,28,72,67,42,110,81,111,100,66,62,22,85,78,77,76,47,75,11351. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=15&CID=106,102,87,101,104,103,48,41,45,25,94,29,80,44,109,61,39,93,96,107,43,84,112,70,63,51,99,68,88,40,56,74,58,86,55,65,90,71,82,28,72,67,42,110,81,111,100,66,62,22,85,78,77,76,47,75,11352. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=16&CID=106,102,87,101,104,103,48,41,45,25,94,29,80,44,109,61,39,93,96,107,43,84,112,70,63,51,99,68,88,40,56,74,58,86,55,65,90,71,82,28,72,67,42,110,81,111,100,66,62,22,85,78,77,76,47,75,11353. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=17&CID=106,102,87,101,104,103,48,41,45,25,94,29,80,44,109,61,39,93,96,107,43,84,112,70,63,51,99,68,88,40,56,74,58,86,55,65,90,71,82,28,72,67,42,110,81,111,100,66,62,22,85,78,77,76,47,75,11354. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=18&CID=106,102,87,101,104,103,48,41,45,25,94,29,80,44,109,61,39,93,96,107,43,84,112,70,63,51,99,68,88,40,56,74,58,86,55,65,90,71,82,28,72,67,42,110,81,111,100,66,62,22,85,78,77,76,47,75,11355. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=20&CID=106,102,87,101,104,103,48,41,45,25,94,29,80,44,109,61,39,93,96,107,43,84,112,70,63,51,99,68,88,40,56,74,58,86,55,65,90,71,82,28,72,67,42,110,81,111,100,66,62,22,85,78,77,76,47,75,11356. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=24&CID=106,102,87,101,104,103,48,41,45,25,94,29,80,44,109,61,39,93,96,107,43,84,112,70,63,51,99,68,88,40,56,74,58,86,55,65,90,71,82,28,72,67,42,110,81,111,100,66,62,22,85,78,77,76,47,75,11357. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=25&CID=106,102,87,101,104,103,48,41,45,25,94,29,80,44,109,61,39,93,96,107,43,84,112,70,63,51,99,68,88,40,56,74,58,86,55,65,90,71,82,28,72,67,42,110,81,111,100,66,62,22,85,78,77,76,47,75,11358. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=26&CID=106,102,87,101,104,103,48,41,45,25,94,29,80,44,109,61,39,93,96,107,43,84,112,70,63,51,99,68,88,40,56,74,58,86,55,65,90,71,82,28,72,67,42,110,81,111,100,66,62,22,85,78,77,76,47,75,11359. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=27&CID=106,102,87,101,104,103,48,41,45,25,94,29,80,44,109,61,39,93,96,107,43,84,112,70,63,51,99,68,88,40,56,74,58,86,55,65,90,71,82,28,72,67,42,110,81,111,100,66,62,22,85,78,77,76,47,75,11360. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=8&day=1&CID=106,102,87,101,104,103,48,41,45,25,94,29,80,44,109,61,39,93,96,107,43,84,112,70,63,51,99,68,88,40,56,74,58,86,55,65,90,71,82,28,72,67,42,110,81,111,100,66,62,22,85,78,77,76,47,75,11361. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=8&day=3&CID=106,102,87,101,104,103,48,41,45,25,94,29,80,44,109,61,39,93,96,107,43,84,112,70,63,51,99,68,88,40,56,74,58,86,55,65,90,71,82,28,72,67,42,110,81,111,100,66,62,22,85,78,77,76,47,75,11362. /Calendar.aspx?EID=1703363. /Calendar.aspx?EID=1731364. /Calendar.aspx?EID=1653165. /Calendar.aspx?EID=1689366. /Calendar.aspx?EID=1659967. /Calendar.aspx?EID=1748268. /Calendar.aspx?EID=1703469. /Calendar.aspx?EID=1772870. /Calendar.aspx?EID=1541471. /calendar.aspx?CID=106,102,87,101,104,103,48,41,45,25,94,29,80,44,109,61,39,93,96,107,43,84,112,70,63,51,99,68,88,40,56,74,58,86,55,65,90,71,82,28,72,67,42,110,81,111,100,66,62,22,85,78,77,76,47,75,11372. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=12&CID=95,37,23,24,105,54,92,98,53,69,33,30,31,36,22,3273. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=13&CID=95,37,23,24,105,54,92,98,53,69,33,30,31,36,22,3274. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=14&CID=95,37,23,24,105,54,92,98,53,69,33,30,31,36,22,3275. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=16&CID=95,37,23,24,105,54,92,98,53,69,33,30,31,36,22,3276. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=17&CID=95,37,23,24,105,54,92,98,53,69,33,30,31,36,22,3277. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=18&CID=95,37,23,24,105,54,92,98,53,69,33,30,31,36,22,3278. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=19&CID=95,37,23,24,105,54,92,98,53,69,33,30,31,36,22,3279. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=20&CID=95,37,23,24,105,54,92,98,53,69,33,30,31,36,22,3280. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=21&CID=95,37,23,24,105,54,92,98,53,69,33,30,31,36,22,3281. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=23&CID=95,37,23,24,105,54,92,98,53,69,33,30,31,36,22,3282. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=24&CID=95,37,23,24,105,54,92,98,53,69,33,30,31,36,22,3283. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=25&CID=95,37,23,24,105,54,92,98,53,69,33,30,31,36,22,3284. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=26&CID=95,37,23,24,105,54,92,98,53,69,33,30,31,36,22,3285. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=27&CID=95,37,23,24,105,54,92,98,53,69,33,30,31,36,22,3286. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=28&CID=95,37,23,24,105,54,92,98,53,69,33,30,31,36,22,3287. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=29&CID=95,37,23,24,105,54,92,98,53,69,33,30,31,36,22,3288. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=30&CID=95,37,23,24,105,54,92,98,53,69,33,30,31,36,22,3289. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=7&day=31&CID=95,37,23,24,105,54,92,98,53,69,33,30,31,36,22,3290. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=8&day=1&CID=95,37,23,24,105,54,92,98,53,69,33,30,31,36,22,3291. /calendar.aspx?view=list&year=2024&month=8&day=3&CID=95,37,23,24,105,54,92,98,53,69,33,30,31,36,22,3292. /Calendar.aspx?EID=1758693. /Calendar.aspx?EID=1703394. /Calendar.aspx?EID=1762695. /Calendar.aspx?EID=1767596. /Calendar.aspx?EID=1730497. /Calendar.aspx?EID=1731398. /Calendar.aspx?EID=1763599. /Calendar.aspx?EID=17587100. /Calendar.aspx?EID=17687101. /calendar.aspx?CID=95,37,23,24,105,54,92,98,53,69,33,30,31,36,22,32102. /QuickLinks.aspx?CID=324103. /104. /facebook105. /x106. /instagram107. /youtube108. /linkedin109. /directory.aspx110. /QuickLinks.aspx?CID=182111. /calendar.aspx?CID=22112. /QuickLinks.aspx?CID=184113. /114. /accessibility115. /1932/20833/Privacy-Policy117. /sitemap118. /

This webpage contains at least 1 link to another of the site's pages.

Internal links are links that redirect users to other pages on the same website. It's important that pages contain internal links to send users and search engine crawlers to other pages and content on the same site.

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