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New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, Non-profit SEO Analysis


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Page Title

New Hampshire Community Loan Fund

This webpage doesn't have a defined page title of an appropriate length.

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Page Description

The New Hampshire Community Loan Fund is a nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution that makes loans directly to, and on behalf of, people and communities with low and moderate incomes.

This webpage doesn't have a defined page description of an appropriate length.

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H1 Header

investments and donations 2022 annual report impact stories in their words our impact news & blogs

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Content Length

Word count: 1,356 words, Reading time: 5.4 minutes"<iframe height="0" width="0" style="display:none;visibility:hidden" aria-hidden="true" data-src="" class="lazyload" src=""></iframe> <img height="1" width="1" style="display:none" alt="fbpx" src="" /> <img src="//" alt="New Hampshire Community Loan Fund"> <img src="/images/instagram.gif" alt="Instagram" /> <img src="/images/linkedin.gif" alt="LinkedIn" /> <img src="/images/twitter.gif" alt="Twitter" /> <img src="/images/facebook.gif" alt="Facebook" /> Search Invest DonateHomeAboutcontactmission & valuesour teamboard & committeesnews & blogsfinancial strengthvideosmedia roomcareersfocusmanufactured-home loansresident-owned communitiessmall businesslocal foodnonprofitschild care providersmulti-family housingImpactannual reportsimpact storiesimpact mapawardssolutionsget involveddonateinvestmore ways to helpwhy our work mattersQuick Linksget a manufactured (mobile) home loansee a list of NH resident-owned communitiesinvest in the Community Loan Fundget a business loan or investmentgo to the Capital Compass toolmake a donation that makes a difference <img src="//" alt=""> Create affordable housing A manufactured home in a ROC or on a person’s own land offers a safe, stable, and affordable solution. Donate today. <img src="//" alt=""> good jobs, strong communities Help job-creating businesses pivot to a new economic reality. Donate today. Posts tabs <img width="393" height="311" src="" class="attachment-post-thumbnail size-post-thumbnail wp-post-image" alt="Two women posed next to a tank at a brewery" decoding="async" loading="lazy" srcset=" 393w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 393px) 100vw, 393px" /> Small-Business Owners <img decoding="async" class="aligncenter wp-image-5528 size-full" src="" alt="Small-business loans" width="110" height="92" /> Flexible financing, creative solutions, and a financial partnership focused on helping you grow your business.   How We Help <img width="393" height="311" src="" class="attachment-post-thumbnail size-post-thumbnail wp-post-image" alt="Well-dressed woman standing outside facing camera" decoding="async" loading="lazy" srcset=" 393w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 393px) 100vw, 393px" /> Manufactured–Home Buyers <img decoding="async" class="size-full wp-image-5551 aligncenter" src="" alt="" width="124" height="86" /> Real, fixed-rate, mortgage loans for those who want affordable homeownership or to refinance their home. How We Help <img width="393" height="311" src="" class="attachment-post-thumbnail size-post-thumbnail wp-post-image" alt="Preschool teacher and students stand outside the school" decoding="async" loading="lazy" srcset=" 393w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 393px) 100vw, 393px" /> Community Service Organizations <img decoding="async" class="size-full wp-image-5553 aligncenter" src="" alt="" width="110" height="103" /> Financing to help strengthen and expand organizations providing essential community services, including child care. How We Help <img width="393" height="312" src="" class="attachment-post-thumbnail size-post-thumbnail wp-post-image" alt="Exterior of apartment or condominium building" decoding="async" loading="lazy" srcset=" 393w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 393px) 100vw, 393px" /> Affordable-Housing Developers <img decoding="async" class="size-full wp-image-5555 aligncenter" src="" alt="" width="98" height="106" /> Flexible loans and technical assistance to help expand New Hampshire’s supply of affordable multi-family housing. How We Help <img width="394" height="311" src="" class="attachment-post-thumbnail size-post-thumbnail wp-post-image" alt="Mom and toddler pushing stroller wave at camera" decoding="async" loading="lazy" srcset=" 394w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 394px) 100vw, 394px" /> Resident-Owned Communities <img decoding="async" class="size-full wp-image-5557 aligncenter" src="" alt="" width="139" height="98" /> Loans and training for resident cooperatives to help them preserve their manufactured homes and build vibrant communities. How We Help <img width="393" height="303" src="" class="attachment-post-thumbnail size-post-thumbnail wp-post-image" alt="Afarm family of mom, dad and three grown boys." decoding="async" loading="lazy" srcset=" 393w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 393px) 100vw, 393px" /> Local Farms & Food Producers <img decoding="async" class="size-full wp-image-5559 aligncenter" src="" alt="" width="105" height="103" /> Customized loans and technical assistance to strengthen local food systems from farms and fisheries to tables. How We Help Investments and Donations investments and donations Opportunity NH Investments are stable, pay interest,  and create opportunity many times over investDonations pay for borrower education and training, and enable us to shape loans to their needs donate annual report <img src="//" alt="Cover image of New Hampshire Community Loan Fund&#039;s 2022 Annual Report." class="" /> 2022 annual report WE OWN IT read it now Video Area CDFIs Finance Justice With deep roots in the civil rights movement, CDFIs including the NH Community Loan Fund have fought for justice for decades. "With one loan ..." we change lives. impact stories cta impact stories Read More Testimonials in their words <img src="//" alt="Cotton Cleveland, investor and donor"/> This is absolutely a rock-solid organization. You couldn’t be turning your money over to anybody better and more qualified. It’s not all ‘Oh, we’re gonna go out and help these nice people.’ You have to really be sophisticated, buttoned down, and knowledgeable about the business end. As a businesswoman, I’m incredibly appreciative of that.Cotton Cleveland, investor and donor <img src="//" alt="Lora Gervais, veteran and homeowner"/> I will make y'all proud that you took a chance on me and invested in my life. I will never forget!Lora Gervais, veteran and homeowner <img src="//" alt="Liz Charlwood, consultant"/> The transformation, the empowerment of people, gives me the chills . ... The Community Loan Fund has the chill factor.Liz Charlwood, consultant <img src="//" alt="Ahmad Aissa, Aissa Sweets"/> The people at the Community Loan Fund were able to see my vision. I'm not just an application full of numbers. You're an entrepreneur, and they respect that. They encourage you and coach you and give you the opportunity.Ahmad Aissa, Aissa Sweets <img src="//" alt="Joe Keefe, Impax Asset Management"/> You give to some nonprofits because they're building a new building, or having an important capital campaign, but the payoff is way down the road. With the Community Loan Fund, the work is so vital, and the payoff is happening every day. That’s what impact is.Joe Keefe, Impax Asset Management <img src="//" alt="Richie, a tenant at Parkhurst Community Housing"/> There’s no words that explain how I feel—the gratitude and gratefulness. It’s wonderful to live like this. I can actually go in my own kitchen and cook dinner! Or boil water to have a cup of coffee—imagine that!Richie, a tenant at Parkhurst Community Housing Impact numbers our impact Our loans and investments have reached 170 towns and every N.H. county <img src="//" alt="">$429Mloaned into N.H. communities, leveraging an additional $943M <img src="//" alt="">10,971affordable homes created or preserved <img src="//" alt="">4,557child care/education spaces created or preserved <img src="//" alt="">3,984quality jobs created or preserved news and blogs news & blogs <img src="//" alt=""> DEC. 7, 2022Funding for farmers, meat processorsGrants will support efficiencies and investment <img src="//" alt=""> NOV. 17, 2022BOA supports minority business lendingGrant will provide technical assistance and peer connections <img src="//" alt=""> JAN. 25, 2021Growing up in NH's first ROCJeff Sirles says the conversion of Meredith Center Cooperative had a big influence on him. see all <img src="/images/news.gif" alt="News" class="img-fluid" width="94" height="68"> sign up for our newsletter Sign Me Up <img src="/images/logo-roc.png" alt="ROC USA" /> <img src="/images/logo-ofn.png" alt="Opportunity Finance Network" /> <img src="/images/logo-aeris.png" alt="Aeris Rated" /> <img src="/images/logo-cdfi.png" alt="CDFI" /> <img src="/images/logo-ehl.png" alt="Equal Housing Lender" /> <img id="footerlogo" src="/images/footer-logo.jpg" alt="New Hampshire Community Loan Fund" width="525" height="229" /> 7 Wall Street Concord, NH 03301 <img alt="Facebook" data-src="/images/facebook.png" class="lazyload" src="" /><noscript><img src="/images/facebook.png" alt="Facebook" /> <img alt="Instagram" data-src="/images/instagram.png" class="lazyload" src="" /><noscript><img src="/images/instagram.png" alt="Instagram" /> <img alt="LinkedIn" data-src="/images/linkedin.png" class="lazyload" src="" /><noscript><img src="/images/linkedin.png" alt="LinkedIn" /> <img alt="Twitter" data-src="/images/twitter.png" class="lazyload" src="" /><noscript><img src="/images/twitter.png" alt="Twitter" /> <img alt="YouTube" data-src="/images/youtube.png" class="lazyload" src="" /><noscript><img src="/images/youtube.png" alt="YouTube" /> 603-224-6669 603-225-7425 fax © 2010-23 New Hampshire Community Loan Fund. All rights reserved. New Hampshire Community Loan Fund Inc. is an equal opportunity provider and employer. NMLS ID 253893. Licensed by the New Hampshire Banking Department. Equal Housing Lender. Privacy policy. | Website PrivacyAbout Contact Mission & values Our team Board & committees News & blogs Financial strength Videos Media room CareersFocus Manufactured-home loans Resident-owned communities Small business Local food Nonprofits Child care centers Multi-family housingSitemapImpact Annual reports Impact stories Impact map Awards SolutionsGet involved Donate Invest More ways to help Why our work mattersQUICK LINKSGet a loan for a manufactured (mobile) homeSee a list of manufactured-home cooperatives in NHInvest in the Community Loan FundGet a business loan or investmentGo to the Capital Compass toolMake a donation that makes a differenceEmail is not a secure form of communication. Please do not use email to send any confidential or sensative information, including Social Security numbers, account numbers or passwords. If you need to provide this type of information to the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, contact us by phone at (603) 224-6669, by fax at (603) 225-7425, or by paper mail. You will be redirected toClick the link above to continue or CANCELThank you for visiting the New Hampshire Community Loan FundBy clicking “Continue” you will leave the Community Loan Fund site. The linked site and its content, privacy and security are not controlled by the Community Loan Fund. We do not guarantee or endorse the linked site’s information, recommendations, products or services.You will be redirected toClick the link above to continue or"

This webpage contains over 500 words of content.

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The content should be rich with quality, original content - not containing "fluff" just to fill up the space. Having more content will also likely help the page to rank better for search queries as well as rank for more search queries.

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Images on page: 4, Images with alt text: 0, Percentage: 0%

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Internal Links

1. /involved/invest/3. /involved/donate/4. /about/directions7. /about/#mission8. /focus/home-loans35. /focus/roc-nh/co-op/list/36. /involved/invest/37. /focus/business/38. /focus/business/resources/compass/39. /involved/donate/40. /involved/donate/unrestricted/42. /focus/business/43. /focus/business/44. /focus/business/45. /focus/home-loans/46. /focus/home-loans/47. /focus/home-loans/48. /focus/nonprofits/49. /focus/nonprofits/50. /focus/nonprofits/51. /focus/housing/52. /focus/housing/53. /focus/housing/54. /focus/ROC-NH/55. /focus/ROC-NH/56. /focus/ROC-NH/57. /focus/business/financing/local-food/58. /focus/business/financing/local-food/59. /focus/business/financing/local-food/60. /involved/invest61. /involved/donate62. /impact/annual-reports/#flipbook-df_14061/1/63. /impact/annual-reports/#flipbook-df_14061/1/64. /impact/stories65. https://blog.communityloanfund.org72. /73. /about/website-privacy/75. /about/76. /about/directions/77. /about/78. /about/our-team/79. /about/board/80. /about/financial/82. /about/videos/83. /about/media-room/84. /about/careers/85. /focus/86. /focus/home-loans/87. /focus/roc-nh/88. /focus/business/89. /focus/business/financing/local-food/90. /focus/nonprofits/91. /focus/child-care/92. /focus/housing/93. /sitemap/94. /impact/95. /impact/annual-reports/96. /impact/stories/97. /impact/map/98. /impact/awards/99. /impact/solutions/100. /involved/101. /involved/donate/102. /involved/invest/103. /involved/more/104. /involved/why-matters/105. /focus/home-loans/106. /focus/roc-nh/co-op/list/107. /involved/invest/108. /focus/business/109. /focus/business/resources/compass/110. /involved/donate/

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