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Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission

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Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission What’s New

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Word count: 951 words, Reading time: 3.8 minutes"Skip to content Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission Menu What’s NewAbout Us Executive Committee Full Commission Directions Contact Us CNHRPC Newsletter CNHRPC Language Assistance Plan CNHRPC Title VI Policy Requests for Proposals/ QualificationsLocal Planning Capital Improvement Programs (CIP) Master Plans Hazard Mitigation Plan Program Updating CNHRPC Region Hazard Mitigation Plans Important Hazard Mitigation and Emergency Planning Resources Natural Disasters in the Central NH Region Regional Planning CEDS Central NH Region Broadband Plan Central NH Regional Plan Warner River Corridor Management Plan Central NH Regional Housing AssessmentTransportation Planning Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) TAC Meetings & Agendas TAC Members Regional Transportation Plan Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) CNHRPC Public Involvement Plan Bicycle& Pedestrian Projects Concord Pedestrian Master Plan Suncook Valley Trails Plan West Central Rail Trails Plan Class VI Road Fact Sheet CommuteSmart NH Complete Streets Currier & Ives Scenic Byway NH Park and Ride Toolkit Road Surface Management System (RSMS) Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Transportation LinksBrownfields Program Process Overview Nominate a Site Project Sites Terms and Definitions Brownfields Advisory Committee External LinksGIS & Data What is GIS? Traffic Count Data Community Profiles & Demographic Data What’s NewTraffic Calming Demonstration Project in Hopkinton VillageA traffic calming demonstration project has been temporarily set up by the Town of Hopkinton. The project is located in Hopkinton Village at the intersection of Main Street (US 202 / NH 9), Hopkinton Road (NH 103) and Briar Hill Road. The demonstration project is a short term installment using removeable materials to help educate road users and Town residents of future planning. It is an effective way of testing planning improvements that can lead to lasting change. The layout eliminates an extra slip lane that is conducive to high speeds and conflicts with oncoming traffic and vehicles turning out of Briar Hill Road. The change also allows for improved pedestrian facilities, crosswalks, and more greenspace. Check it out in a car, on a bike, or on foot during the rest of the month of October. Read more about the project and provide feedback here: Happening in Hopkinton You can also see pictures by clicking here: Photos2022 EPA Clean Watersheds Needs and NH Stormwater Needs SurveyHelp bring funding to New Hampshire for stormwater management! The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 2022 Clean Watersheds Needs Survey (CWNS) assesses the capital investment needed to meet the water quality goals of the Clean Water Act. EPA uses the survey results to allocate money to the states through grant and loan programs. This is an opportunity to showcase what significant need there is in New Hampshire for funding stormwater infrastructure and program management! In addition to CWNS, the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) is leveraging the opportunity to collect additional non-CWNS eligible needs. Data are being collected by Comprehensive Environmental, Inc. on behalf of NHDES Watershed Management Bureau. (CWNS Wastewater data are being collected separately through the NHDES Engineering Wastewater Bureau.) The survey deadline is December 2nd, 2022. To participate and for more information, please visit the NHDES New Hampshire State Stormwater Needs Survey page.Changes to RSAs Governing Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment TimelinesThe NH Legislature has enacted several changes to Planning and Zoning RSAs that will impact how boards conduct business and timelines governing processes. Among these are the duration of time Planning Board’s have to act to deem an application complete and the consequences of missing such deadlines. Please see the summaries provided in the links below:A description of the changes: A table comparing the revised language to the previous language: CNHRPC Regional Housing Needs AssessmentCNHRPC is performing a Regional Housing Needs Assessment throughout 2022. The project will look in-depth at the housing needs of our Region in order to develop strategies for local decision makers to enact change. CNHRPC will be working in collaboration with NH Housing, NH Office of Planning and Development, and the eight other regional planning commissions across the state. To learn more about the project and share your thoughts on housing please visit the project page. Central NH Regional Housing Needs Assessment. In concert with the state and other NH regions, we’re researching data and community ideas, and a key component of this is obtaining local feedback through relevant housing surveys. Results from online surveys will provide us with key anonymous research data to help us report back how housing issues are impacting the Central NH Region communities and what types of strategies are needed. We invite you to fill out one or more of our Regional Housing Surveys to tell us about your housing experiences and needs:General Housing Needs SurveyEncuesta para el Público General an EspañolEmployers/ Businesses Survey on Housing Needs We hope you’ll share your housing successes and challenges with us to help CNHRPC create a framework for positive change. U.S. Census Bureau Releases 2020 Census Demographic Data Map ViewerThe U.S. Census Bureau has released an interactive data map viewer for a variety of 2020 demographic characteristics. Be sure to zoom in to see county- and tract-level data!2020 Census Demographic Data Map ViewerCNHRPC Regional Transportation Plan Corridor SpotlightsAs part of the RTP, eight regionally significant corridors throughout the region have been identified to examine closely for key demographic trends, recent and historic land use patterns, and specific transportation projects. Titled Corridor Spotlights, the draft versions of these can be seen below. Also available for viewing is a historical timeline of transportation development within the region. CNHRPC Regional Transportation Plan Draft Documents:Historical TimelineCorridor Spotlights US 202/NH 9 WestI-89 NorthI-89 SouthUS 3/US 4 NorthNH 106US 4 EastNH 28 US 3 South CNHRPC Community Profiles Have Been UpdatedThe CNHRPC Community Profiles have been updated with newly released 2014-2018 American Community Survey data! View them here! CNHRPC Member CommunitiesClick on the towns below to access that towns official web site. Upcoming EventsContact Us28 Commercial Street, Suite 3Concord, NH 03301Phone: (603) 226-6020Fax: (603) 226-6023Email: admin@cnhrpc.orgQuick LinksCentral NH Regional PlanCentral NH Region Broadband PlanSuncook Valley TrailsTransportation Improvement ProgramCommuteSmart New HampshireCommunity ProfilesComprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Copyright © 2023 Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission. All rights reserved. Theme Spacious by ThemeGrill. Powered by: WordPress."

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