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Bethlehem Public Library, Library SEO Analysis


Bethlehem Public Library logo

Page Title

Bethlehem Public Library

This webpage doesn't have a defined page title of an appropriate length.

A webpage title, or title tag, is the text that's displayed on the tab of a browser window and as the headline on a search engine result. It acts as the title for the content of the webpage and should preview and clearly define what the webpage is about.

The ideal title tag is between 60 and 80 characters in length and should contain important, quality keywords relevant to the page.

Page Description

This webpage doesn't have a defined page description of an appropriate length.

A webpage description, or meta description tag, is the text that's displayed under the headline on a search engine result. Like the page title, the description should provide a little more information about what the contents of the webpage is about.

The ideal page description is between 160 and 180 characters in length and should contain similar, supportive text to the title tag.

H1 Header

Summer Programs This WeekInter-Library Loan ServiceDownload / Stream eBooks, Audio Books, & MagazinesGenealogy research at home!Mango LanguagesWhat is the Library Worth to You?

This webpage doesn't have 1 and only 1 H1 header on the page.

An H1 header tag is like the main headline for a webpage. Differing from a page title, the header isn't displayed on the browser tab or search engine result, but it's often the first text that a user sees when visiting a webpage, and should clearly introduce the content that it appears before.

Every webpage should have 1 and only 1 H1 header tag per page, and it should include relevant, quality keywords.

Content Length

Word count: 420 words, Reading time: 1.7 minutes"Manage Your Account Search: Search   Catalog   Search: Search   Catalog   ≡ Home About the Library Hours and Directions Staff Trustees Library History Library Policies & Mission Statement Solar Project at the Library Link to Bethlehem Town website How Do I? Get a Library Card See / Manage My Account Search the Catalog Request an Interlibrary Loan Give Feedback / Suggestions Reserve Meeting Space Use a Computer / Printer Download Books Research & Information Online Resources Johnson Room Library Newsletter Info for the Visually Impaired Library of Things List of Periodicals Town of Bethlehem Media Bias Events & Programs Programs Calendar Printable Flyer Summer Reading Book Sale Info Storywalk® I have an idea for a program! Adults Programs Readers Cafe Book Discussion What to Read Next? Simple Living Group NY Times Best Seller List Summer Reading Books of Jewish Interest Youth Programs Children's Catalog Learning Packs for Preschoolers Things To Do in the Children's Area Homework Help for Children 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Things To Do in the YA Area Homework Help for Teens Summer Reading Book Awards What to Read / Book Reviews Library Cards for Children StoryWalk® Ways to Support the Library Friends of the Bethlehem Public Library (FOBPL) Make a Donation Donating Books & Other Materials Summer Programs This Week July 8-13Tuesday 11am Children's Summer Reading programs: Smokey the Bear VisitsWednesday 4pm Books of Jewish Interest:  Sick in the Head by Judd ApatowFriday 10:15-11:15am  Let's Talk, adult discussion groupFriday 11:30am Simple Living: Pest & Weed Control Click here for all Summer Reading Program information Inter-Library Loan Service Request books by emailing ill@bethlehemlibrary.orgWant to see if a book is available?  Click on the icon to access the state catalog.Request by email or phone and we'll order it for you. Download / Stream eBooks, Audio Books, & MagazinesClick on the icon to get started.New to Libby?  Ask staff how to log on. Genealogy research at home!Access is automatic if you are in the library.For at-home access, please click here for login information. Mango Languages Learn over 70 different langauges onlineClick logo to go to MangoNeed a Mango account?Go to Links in our catalog to get started  What is the Library Worth to You? Bethlehem Public Library2245 Main StreetBethlehem, NH 03574Driving DirectionsPhone: 603-869-2409 This website was created with a gift from theFriends of Bethlehem Public Library.Website Feedback is appreciated! Sitemap Hours of OperationMonday:  1 pm - 7 pmTuesday: 10 am - 4 pmWednesday:  1 pm - 7 pmThursday: 1 pm - 7 pmFriday:  10 am - 4 pmSaturday: 9 am - 1 pmSunday:  Closed"

This webpage doesn't contain over 500 words of content.

Because search engines crawl and index content, and the more content that a webpage has the greater potential for the page to rank for multiple keywords, webpages should contain a good amount of content with more than 500 words being a good benchmark for a regular page, and 1,000 words for blog posts.

The content should be rich with quality, original content - not containing "fluff" just to fill up the space. Having more content will also likely help the page to rank better for search queries as well as rank for more search queries.

Image Alternate Text

Images on page: 4, Images with alt text: 0, Percentage: 0%

0% of the images on this webpage contain alternate text description tags.

Alternate text descriptions for images allow visually impaired website visitors to still be able to understand the context of an image. All images on a page should contain a brief and relevant text alternative to what the image displays.

Internal Links

1. https://www.bethlehemlibrary.org2. /3. /Pages/Index/194123/hours-and-directions4. /Pages/Index/194123/hours-and-directions5. /Pages/Index/193911/staff6. /Pages/Index/193912/trustees7. /Pages/Index/194125/library-history8. /Pages/Index/183765/library-policies-mission-statement9. /Pages/Index/227304/solar-project-at-the-library10. /Pages/Index/193914/get-a-library-card11. /Pages/Index/193914/get-a-library-card12. /Pages/Index/193915/see-manage-my-account13. /Pages/Index/193916/search-the-catalog14. /Pages/Index/193917/request-an-interlibrary-loan15. /Pages/Index/193918/give-feedback-suggestions16. /Pages/Index/193919/reserve-meeting-space17. /Pages/Index/193921/use-a-computer-printer18. /Pages/Index/193922/download-books19. /Pages/Index/193923/online-resources20. /Pages/Index/193923/online-resources21. /Pages/Index/193924/johnson-room22. /Pages/Index/193925/library-newsletter23. /Pages/Index/193926/info-for-the-visually-impaired24. /Pages/Index/193927/library-of-things25. /Pages/Index/193928/list-of-periodicals26. /Pages/Index/193929/town-of-bethlehem27. /Pages/Index/214665/media-bias28. /Pages/Index/214663/programs-calendar29. /Pages/Index/214663/programs-calendar30. /Pages/Index/193931/printable-flyer31. /Pages/Index/193932/summer-reading32. /Pages/Index/193933/book-sale-info33. /Pages/Index/193934/storywalk34. /Pages/Index/214636/i-have-an-idea-for-a-program35. /Pages/Index/193937/programs36. /Pages/Index/193937/programs37. /Pages/Index/183766/readers-cafe-book-discussion38. /Pages/Index/193935/what-to-read-next39. /Pages/Index/228923/simple-living-group40. /Pages/Index/193938/ny-times-best-seller-list41. /Pages/Index/229383/books-of-jewish-interest43. /Pages/Index/193944/programs44. /Pages/Index/193944/programs45. /Pages/Index/225064/learning-packs-for-preschoolers46. /Pages/Index/193939/things-to-do-in-the-childrens-area47. /Pages/Index/214637/homework-help-for-children48. /Pages/Index/193942/1000-books-before-kindergarten49. /Pages/Index/193940/things-to-do-in-the-ya-area50. /Pages/Index/214638/homework-help-for-teens51. /Pages/Index/193947/book-awards53. /Pages/Index/193948/what-to-read-book-reviews54. /Pages/Index/193950/library-cards-for-children55. /Pages/Index/193913/friends-of-the-bethlehem-public-library-fobpl57. /Pages/Index/193913/friends-of-the-bethlehem-public-library-fobpl58. /Pages/Index/193920/make-a-donation59. /Pages/Index/194217/donating-books-other-materials60. /Pages/Index/214663/programs-calendar62. /Pages/Index/214641/library-services63. /Pages/Index/214673/what-is-the-library-worth-to-you

This webpage contains at least 1 link to another of the site's pages.

Internal links are links that redirect users to other pages on the same website. It's important that pages contain internal links to send users and search engine crawlers to other pages and content on the same site.

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