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Course modules

This course is organized into the following sections:

Understanding AI: Basics and Beyond

Demystify the concept of AI. Learn what AI is, its different types, and how it's created. Understand AI's local influence with relatable examples from New Hampshire businesses. Dive into how AI is transforming our lives and workplaces, and get a glimpse of the ethical considerations. Start your journey to making AI work for you and your business.

Impact of AI on Jobs and Businesses Today

Explore the real-world impact of AI on jobs and businesses in New Hampshire. Gain insights into how AI is reshaping job roles, boosting productivity, and enhancing decision-making. Understand the transformative potential of AI in local industries, illustrated with relatable examples. Learn to prepare your workforce for AI adoption and unlock its benefits for your business.

Practical Application of AI Tools

Dive into the practical ways to leverage AI for your business. Learn to use simple AI tools for data analysis, customer service, content creation, and more, without any technical background. Benefit from hands-on tutorials and step-by-step guidance on AI tools tailored for local businesses. Begin harnessing the power of AI to drive efficiency and growth in your business.

Looking Forward: The Future of AI in Business

Take a glimpse into the future of AI in business. Understand emerging AI technologies and their potential local impact. Discover how AI could shape the local job market and influence sustainable and ethical business practices. Learn how to prepare your business for the AI future, using real-life examples from New Hampshire. Stay ahead with AI!

Course Wrap-up, Resources, and Next Steps

We wrap up by recapping key AI insights and addressing frequently asked questions. Get directed to resources for continued AI learning and get tips on staying updated in the AI field. Learn about the services offered by ZeroToDigital, and how we can assist you further in your AI journey. Take the next step towards AI mastery with confidence and clarity!

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