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Hollis Montessori School, Education SEO Analysis


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Hollis Montessori School, NH

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Hollis Montessori School provides authentic AMI Montessori education for preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and middle school.

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Hollis Montessori SchoolProgramsHappeningsThe Latest from our Blog

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Word count: 1,187 words, Reading time: 4.7 minutes"Montessori Why Montessori? The Difference Maria Montessori Learn More FAQ Programs Primary: Ages 3-6 Elementary: Grades 1-6 Upper School: Grades 7-9 Admission How to Apply Open House Schedule a Tour Tuition FAQ About Us Who We Are Faculty & Staff Board of Directors The Observer Testimonials Campus Solar Powered Careers Support Annual Fund Give Online Gala Auction Community Partnership Auction Donors Effortless Giving Blog Inquire Hollis Montessori School Montessori Why Montessori? The Difference Maria Montessori Learn More FAQ Programs Primary: Ages 3-6 Elementary: Grades 1-6 Upper School: Grades 7-9 Admission How to Apply Open House Schedule a Tour Tuition FAQ About Us Who We Are Faculty & Staff Board of Directors The Observer Testimonials Campus Solar Powered Careers Support Annual Fund Give Online Gala Auction Community Partnership Auction Donors Effortless Giving Blog Inquire Our mission is to prepare children for life.Inquire All children are naturally curious and love to learn; we understand that all children learn differently and at their own pace. Our school engages all children to develop to their full potential through challenging programs that foster critical thinking, independence, creativity and responsibility — guided by a staff of loving, highly-trained adults and a community of families that actively supports our mission. Why do so many families choose Montessori?Learn Why “We LOVE this school, the amazing staff and the lifelong friendships we’ve made. Sending our children to HMS was one of the best decisions we’ve made. It has forever changed how we view education. It is the way children are meant to learn.” — Sarah Our beautiful campus comes alive in this five-minute video. Learn what makes Hollis Montessori School an investment in your child's future. Programs <img class="sqs-image-min-height" src="" alt="primary.jpg" loading="lazy"/> Primary AGES 3-6 <img class="sqs-image-min-height" src="" alt="" loading="lazy"/> Elementary GRADES 1-6 <img class="sqs-image-min-height" src="" alt="" loading="lazy"/> Upper School GRADES 7-9 What is the application process?How to Apply Hollis Montessori School is recognized by Association Montessori International. AMI was founded in 1929 by Dr. Maria Montessori to oversee teacher training and to maintain the integrity of her work. We are the only AMI school in New Hampshire. We‘d love to meet you!Inquire Happenings Featured Montessori Training as a Personal Transformation Children’s House 2 Lead Guide Jessica Robson spent the last year simultaneously teaching and pursuing her AMI (Association Montessori International) Primary Diploma from the Montessori Northwest Training Center in Portland, Oregon. It was an amazing and intense experience that “profoundly impacted” the way she thinks about children and about teaching. Read More → Observations on Observing Ever wonder why this newsletter is called The Observer? It’s because observation is such a fundamental part of Montessori education. At Hollis Montessori School, evaluation of student progress relies heavily on the guides’ observation of students’ work and activities in the classroom. In addition, parents are strongly encouraged to observe their children’s classrooms and the work that goes on there. Read More → Where Are They Now Part 1: Owyn Desrochers After 15 years as a school, some of Hollis Montessori’s alumni have become adults. Over the next few issues, we will be featuring stories about them in our “Where Are They Now” series. In Part One, we talked to Owyn Desrochers. After graduating from the University of New Hampshire, Owyn accepted a role with the PGA TOUR in Florida. Read More → Seeing the Forest for the Trees This past fall, during their Earth and Human Studies (EHS) class, the Adolescent Program (AP) researched two plots of forest in a Forest Health Assessment which compared a mature forest to a recently logged forest. The project was completed with help from local foresters, and used curriculum resources from Project Learning Tree, which is the educational arm of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Read More → A Salute to an HMS founder Earlier this year, one of Hollis Montessori School’s founders, Erin Moskun, stepped down from her position as Board Vice President. Erin had been involved in every aspect of the school from 2008 on. Erin became involved in Montessori through her three daughters… Read More → HMS's Ambitious Robotics Team Hollis Montessori School's Adolescent Program’s FIRST Tech Challenge team had one heck of a year. In addition to teaching themselves Java, they won two statewide awards, and ran 4 after-school camps to raise funds for their team. Read More → New Research Linking Montessori and Adult Wellbeing In a new paper published in Frontiers in Psychology, researchers found that there is an association between Montessori education and wellbeing in adulthood. The study found “that attending Montessori for at least two childhood years was associated with significantly higher adult wellbeing on all four factors.” Read More → Next Up, On the Piano... For an hour this past December, the Lower Elementary II (LE2) classroom turned into a coffee shop with an open mic. The children sat at tables set up around the room and had tea and cookies while listening to their classmates and teachers share their musical talents. Read More → Now Featuring Mesopotamia One Sunday morning, 8th year student Helen Saunders woke up and checked her Scratch account and discovered she had 1000+ messages waiting for her. She “was a little confused,” but when she looked at the homepage, she saw that her project was featured on the home page. Read More → Las Monarcas! During 2020, Lower School Spanish Guide Andrea Seddon saw an opportunity to help Monarch butterflies and enrich the Hollis Montessori School’s Spanish curriculum at the same time. Read More →   Request Information  The Latest from our Blog Featured Dec 26, 2022 Roles & Goals: The Montessori Guide Dec 26, 2022 Dec 26, 2022 Dec 19, 2022 Time for Togetherness Dec 19, 2022 Dec 19, 2022 Dec 12, 2022 Power & Potential: The Sensitive Periods Dec 12, 2022 Dec 12, 2022 Dec 5, 2022 Shifting from “Stuff” to the Spirit of the Season Dec 5, 2022 Dec 5, 2022 Nov 28, 2022 Music the Montessori Way Nov 28, 2022 Nov 28, 2022 Nov 21, 2022 Mutual Respect & Making Deposits Nov 21, 2022 Nov 21, 2022 Back to Top Directions Photo Credits Privacy Policy Family Portal Hollis Montessori School, 9 S Merrimack Road, Hollis, NH, 03049(603) <img src="" alt="ami-member-school.png" /> <iframe src=""height="0" width="0" style="display:none;visibility:hidden"></iframe>"

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1. /why-montessori2. /the-difference3. /maria-montessori4. /learn-more5. /faq-montessori6. /primary7. /elementary8. /upper-school9. /how-to-apply10. /open-house11. /schedule-a-virtual-tour12. /tuition13. /faq14. /who-we-are15. /faculty-staff16. /board-of-directors17. /happenings18. /parent-perspectives19. /campus20. /solar-powered21. /careers22. /annual-fund23. /give-online24. /gala-auction25. /community-partners26. /auction-donors27. /effortless-giving28. /blog29. /inquire30. /31. /why-montessori32. /the-difference33. /maria-montessori34. /learn-more35. /faq-montessori36. /primary37. /elementary38. /upper-school39. /how-to-apply40. /open-house41. /schedule-a-virtual-tour42. /tuition43. /faq44. /who-we-are45. /faculty-staff46. /board-of-directors47. /happenings48. /parent-perspectives49. /campus50. /solar-powered51. /careers52. /annual-fund53. /give-online54. /gala-auction55. /community-partners56. /auction-donors57. /effortless-giving58. /blog59. /inquire60. /inquire61. /why-montessori62. /primary63. /elementary64. /upper-school65. /how-to-apply66. /inquire67. /happenings68. /happenings/2022/11/15/montessori-training-as-a-personal-transformation69. /happenings/2022/11/15/montessori-training-as-a-personal-transformation70. /happenings/2022/11/15/montessori-training-as-a-personal-transformation71. /happenings/2022/11/15/observations-on-observing72. /happenings/2022/11/15/observations-on-observing73. /happenings/2022/11/15/observations-on-observing74. /happenings/2022/11/15/where-are-they-now-part-1-owyn-desrochers75. /happenings/2022/11/15/where-are-they-now-part-1-owyn-desrochers76. /happenings/2022/11/15/where-are-they-now-part-1-owyn-desrochers77. /happenings/2022/6/21/seeing-the-forest-for-the-trees-178. /happenings/2022/6/21/seeing-the-forest-for-the-trees-179. /happenings/2022/6/21/seeing-the-forest-for-the-trees-180. /happenings/2022/6/21/a-salute-to-hms-founder-erin-moskun81. /happenings/2022/6/21/a-salute-to-hms-founder-erin-moskun82. /happenings/2022/6/21/a-salute-to-hms-founder-erin-moskun83. /happenings/2022/6/21/vzilaifjyl16j7l6d91fiirh9xeo1t84. /happenings/2022/6/21/vzilaifjyl16j7l6d91fiirh9xeo1t85. /happenings/2022/6/21/vzilaifjyl16j7l6d91fiirh9xeo1t86. /happenings/2022/1/31/new-research-linking-montessori-and-adult-wellbeing87. /happenings/2022/1/31/new-research-linking-montessori-and-adult-wellbeing88. /happenings/2022/1/31/new-research-linking-montessori-and-adult-wellbeing89. /happenings/2022/1/31/next-up-on-the-piano90. /happenings/2022/1/31/next-up-on-the-piano91. /happenings/2022/1/31/next-up-on-the-piano92. /happenings/2022/1/31/3vefo7x5u65csxl681kji5xh908u1z93. /happenings/2022/1/31/3vefo7x5u65csxl681kji5xh908u1z94. /happenings/2022/1/31/3vefo7x5u65csxl681kji5xh908u1z95. /happenings/2021/10/8/las-monarcas96. /happenings/2021/10/8/las-monarcas97. /happenings/2021/10/8/las-monarcas98. /inquire99. /blog100. /blog/2022/12/8/roles-amp-goals-the-montessori-guide101. /blog/2022/12/8/roles-amp-goals-the-montessori-guide102. /blog/2022/12/8/time-for-togetherness103. /blog/2022/12/8/time-for-togetherness104. /blog/2022/12/8/power-amp-potential-the-sensitive-periods105. /blog/2022/12/8/power-amp-potential-the-sensitive-periods106. /blog/2022/12/8/shifting-from-stuff-to-the-spirit-of-the-season107. /blog/2022/12/8/shifting-from-stuff-to-the-spirit-of-the-season108. /blog/2022/11/2/music-the-montessori-way109. /blog/2022/11/2/music-the-montessori-way110. /blog/2022/11/2/mutual-respect-amp-making-deposits111. /blog/2022/11/2/mutual-respect-amp-making-deposits112. /directions113. /photo-credits114. /privacy-policy115.

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