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Rotary Club of Concord, Non-profit SEO Analysis


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Home Page | Rotary Club of Concord, NH

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Rotary Club of Concord NH

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Word count: 874 words, Reading time: 3.5 minutes"Member Login The Rotary Club of Concord, New Hampshire Toggle navigation HomeCalendarDistrict 7870Contact Us InformationKaryn Finkelson - PresidentDoug Bohlman - President ElectShannon Mills - Vice PresidentJoyce McCabe - SecretaryKaryn Finkelson - TreasurerVirginia Finer - Immediate Past PresidentPJ Cistulli - Sargent-at-ArmsGary Miller - Speakers & ProgramsPhil Wallingford - Website Previous Next Information Center Another Successful Major Raffle - 2023 Thank you to all the participants in our 2023 Major Raffle, held November 9th at Alan's of Boscawen. Three lucky winners left with a substantial cash prize.  But the big winners were the local organizations serving those in need or, otherwise, improving our Community. The Raffle raised over $17,000 which will be donated to these deserving groups. And special thanks to Alan Adrian for hosting our event again and selling many tickets... and to Club Members, especially event Chair Ginny Finer, who did the hard work of running another successful Raffle and Bob Blood, Jedi Ticket Salesman. Flags Across Concord Concord Rotary continues to roll out Flags Across Concord. If you're interested in a flag posted on your lawn, please click here to send us a message! Or Donate now here... Thank You to Our Business SponsorsThey Truly Make a Difference  We at the Rotary Club of Concord are so grateful for the support of our Business Sponsors, who are committed to helping people, strengthening families and building stronger, healthier and safer communities. Together, we are helping make a difference in the lives of so many. With the help of our sponsors, we continue to fulfill our mission of supporting our neighbors in need. Please checkout their websites to see what services they could provide to you.Rumford Stonehttp://RumfordStone.comCleveland, Waters and Basswww.cwbpa.comMerrimack County Savings Bank Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Dance Academy McCrystal Palson Architects Insurance State Glass Weschlerwww.nathanwechsler.comServpro of Concordwww.servproconcordnh.comBanks Chevrolet & Hollis At Homewww.ageathomenh.comRansmeier & Spellman PC G. Burgess Esq. Davis & Towlewww.davistowle.comNortheast Delta Pay Your 2023-2024 Annual Dues by Credit Card Pay your Annual Dues with a Credit Card. Just click on the link below and you will be taken to the PayPal website. Fill in the billing information and then review and continue.   Purchase 10 Lunch Tickets for $130 Posted by Stu Richter Purchase 10 Lunch Tickets for $130 with a Credit Card. Just click on the "Buy Now" button and you will be taken to the PayPal website. Your 10 tickets will be at the cashier at the next meeting. Speaking Opportunity  Would you like the opportunity to address The Rotary Club of Concord?   We have about 65 members and we meet every Tuesday at Bank of New Hampshire Stage on Main St.   Please feel free in sending us your subject and contact information by clicking here. Rotary International Vist the Rotary Club of Concord Thank you for visiting our website! Site visitors     If you would like more information about the Rotary Club of Concord, please feel free to contact our President by clicking here. Photo Albums 100th Anniversary Golf Photos - 2023 Random Photos - 2023 Meeting Responsibilities December 5, 2023 Cashier Clang, Kirby   December 12, 2023 Cashier Britain, Tim   Club Information Welcome to the Rotary Club of Concord, NH Service Above Self We meet In Person Tuesdays at 12:00 PM Kimball Jenkins Estate 266 N Main StPO Box 2246Concord, NH 03301 United States of America District Site Venue Map Home Page Download Files Club Presidents through the Years Speaker Guidelines Community Support Guidelines New Member Application Form Club Constitution as Amended July 6, 2021 Club Bylaws as Amended June 23, 2015 Club Foundation Bylaws Links Useful Club Links 2023 Arell Scholarship Information and Application Home Page News 4-Way Speech Contest The Club held its annual 4-Way Speech Contest on March 24 with a great turnout and excellent speeches.See a video of this fantastic event from historic Phenix Hall here. Click here for more information from a recent Patch article. Officers, Directors and Committees President Karyn Finkelson President Elect Doug Bohlman Vice President Shannon Mills Secretary Joyce McCabe Treasurer Vince Trento Sergeant-at-Arms PJ Cistulli Immediate Past President Ginny Finer Director Clement Kigugu Director Pieter Hollenberg Director Tom Morse Director Eric Rosenberger Director Liz Sweeney Rotary International <div>Rotary International</div> Rotary Links Rotary International RI President Home Rotary Global Rewards Joining Rotary Rotary History Rotary Foundation For New Members   Programs Tina White Dec 05, 2023 YIP Jayme Simoes Dec 19, 2023 The World of Marketing View entire list... Support Our Business Sponsors Support Our In-Kind Sponsors A List of our IK Sponsors December 2023 S M T W T F S 26 27 28 29 30 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 01 02 03 04 05 06 Useful Club Links Links Where to Make a Missed Rotary Meeting NHTI - Concord's Community College Concord Chamber of Commerce City of Concord, NH   Edit this page Powered by ClubRunner © 2002–2023  All rights reserved. Privacy Statement | Online Help | System Requirements"

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1. 2. events/calendar3. Stories/another-successful-major-raffle-202313. Stories/flags-across-concord-114. Stories/thank-you-to-our-business-sponsors-they-truly-make-a-difference16. Stories/pay-your-2023-2024-annual-dues-by-credit-card17. Stories/purchase-10-lunch-tickets-for-13018. Stories/speaking-opportunity19. Stories/rotary-international21. Stories/vist-the-rotary-club-of-concord22. Stories/thank-you-for-visiting-our-website24. PhotoAlbums/100th-anniversary26. PhotoAlbums/golf-photos-202327. PhotoAlbums/random-photos-202328. Stories/4-way-speech-contest29. SingleEmail/Send?MemberId=EsR1fRtYc1b/ZPOlnmDBOVHtQ/EcazD20UekaaQxUd4=30. SingleEmail/Send?MemberId=j+eoo6bpHvK6jgFEqRUCq6pLls5kXsDmK59DXbQPqOI=31. SingleEmail/Send?MemberId=DTaG4nGevnVJrti4WpvgvUEekC/i2qwHJzZAuxgQRRE=32. SingleEmail/Send?MemberId=xkrA+UGNsWUFKM3QBuc04TYLXFvGChF1SsApY6+FvEU=33. SingleEmail/Send?MemberId=ZVlMds5bIkfMyN4KGtQibdYniYz3kPC/fj+1783rEa4=34. SingleEmail/Send?MemberId=LHcCw+L9ywVVIuxxjoHe7cd0I0+Zw8n0dljYzfX3Hn0=35. SingleEmail/Send?MemberId=2hbZYpfeofTGsapGXpdFGBDXuoKP1whKF4IIWGpYOSc=36. SingleEmail/Send?MemberId=ht3SUtKL7ZsiV+F1eC0VuSmeroM6AMittMEwkxCxlIQ=37. SingleEmail/Send?MemberId=5uLLoU2poweCRJMuuRx2vkJseUX0ry5Bqc4AvlCIVY4=38. SingleEmail/Send?MemberId=GQnY9S2po+BhXz2v/kMOI3asb/4VWp8D5oZMKr5lZXk=39. SingleEmail/Send?MemberId=Ihgh4WWvTLQ2+8+4/htjWKnHqr2lMxoq9sg/VljXgbM=40. SingleEmail/Send?MemberId=1Ajdj2kKa/Qp1+wXlNnnKtOlxpNvSi/RWO8+provJf4=41. Speakers/3b05d375-9ddc-4e4e-b9e1-10b1276872c542. Speakers/9860c47c-97a1-42a9-b3b6-7c64ce2b015943. Speakers44. Sponsor/Click?SponsorId=dbdb925c-9f0b-43f6-8359-4046265b496b&SponsorUrl=http://RumfordStone.com45. Sponsor/Click?SponsorId=7f1516b0-7edf-4dbf-8113-e5fca41a5e35&SponsorUrl= Sponsor/Click?SponsorId=68fe1c50-6e23-4391-86e7-36a979bedded&SponsorUrl=http://www.mcsbnh.com47. Sponsor/Click?SponsorId=8236e87e-8cd7-4ba1-b472-97ad610a5811&SponsorUrl= Sponsor/Click?SponsorId=08043b04-9f07-4a32-a875-ca3736836a4a&SponsorUrl=https://www.ccoralsurgery.com49. Sponsor/Click?SponsorId=9afe2019-8c0c-4ebc-bc09-d3482a87b6c5&SponsorUrl= Sponsor/Click?SponsorId=8bc6900b-190b-458d-9958-646a8eb4be70&SponsorUrl= Sponsor/Click?SponsorId=63abd04f-e5c1-4d41-a01e-9c7cf6bb6cbf&SponsorUrl= Sponsor/Click?SponsorId=41d8e00f-60d8-47fc-b024-434d3dd80687&SponsorUrl= Sponsor/Click?SponsorId=a5cfa83e-cef3-4dcb-a8d0-a1b629ad48e7&SponsorUrl= Sponsor/Click?SponsorId=ceebe335-fd14-4826-a851-05683c32c2f5&SponsorUrl= Sponsor/Click?SponsorId=9f1ee8f8-c8b0-44f9-abb3-1bb71a2b7291&SponsorUrl= Sponsor/Click?SponsorId=88949aeb-1990-4f13-88c3-b7a02221894c&SponsorUrl= Sponsor/Click?SponsorId=e70cd6e7-2fac-4fed-9d42-fe11fbc0f01d&SponsorUrl= Sponsor/Click?SponsorId=3d2c5d3a-4de9-428e-bba3-6a1673b9dfb0&SponsorUrl= Sponsor/Click?SponsorId=1b654e06-6e7a-4c4b-938e-0e5c13b8e48f&SponsorUrl= Sponsor/Click?SponsorId=e77cba3c-c9fe-4fd7-b577-a7c10a010fa2&SponsorUrl= Page/our-in-kind-sponsors62. Events?Year=2023&Month=12&Day=563. Events?Year=2023&Month=12&Day=1964. privacy-policy

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